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bharat student is a social utility that brings together all the young Indians living across the globe. helps young Indians better understand the world around them. is focused on providing comprehensive solutions for any personal and professional issues of young Indians.

India is the country with the highest number of young people in the world. targets this demographic segment with many networks – Students in schools / colleges, Fresh graduates, Employees in corporates, Young Entrepreneurs, Groups of Artist / talented youngsters in different regions. Though each of these networks is independent, still have interconnectivity with other Indian network. To join, one has to be of Indian Origin and can join into a school or work network, or they can join a regional network. Members can grade their schools or work places, write reviews, connect with old friends, Make new friends, share interests, join groups, send messages, write blogs, View videos and share photos. is a web property of Axill Europe Ltd, a 400 million dollar company focused on Internet, the media transcending the digital boundaries of the Globe.

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  • i like this site as it is only indian and good social site for indian students ( now a days so many are coming also)

  • rajgarat

    BharatStudent is a good site. Another site to keep an eye on is SocialSynapse.
    It is a website for connecting young Indians worldwide. They are currently accepting Beta testers for a launch later this month.