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FilmCrave – Social Networking site dedicated to movie lovers


FilmCrave is a niche based social networking site dedicated to movie lovers and movies. It allows users to generate high quality movie reviews, movie lists, all while incorporating strong social networking attributes.

Everybody’s got an opinion about movies, but only the pros get to offer their critique. At least, that’s the way it seemed to the founders of — a start-up website that challenges that notion the pros know what’s best.

“We were just three guys out of college who really liked talking about movies,” said co-founder/ designer Josh Collins. “But when we tried to join [an association of professional movie reviewers], we found our opinions weren’t welcome.”

“I thought, ‘This is ridiculous. There should be a place where everyone can share reviews.’ But that place didn’t exist yet. So we decided to make it,” said Collins.

Filmcrave, which launched its beta edition on August 15th, has thousands of movies in its database, making it easy for users to search out flicks, rate or review them. But the site is more than just a place to post comments: it’s also a social networking site, much like MySpace, where users can create Top Movie lists, meet new people and maintain their own profiles.

“It’s much easier [to use] than MySpace,” says co-founder/designer Alex Olson, “And it fulfills a unique niche on the web. No one else is mixing movie content with a MySpace social networking feel the way we are.”

Filling this niche should make the site a huge success, cofounder/ developer Nick Barry believes. While there are other movie related sites, none of them make user interaction their primary aim, said Barry. “Some even seem to be more like an online store than a community.”

The three friends expect the online community to grow exponentially — and continue to thumb their noses at the critics.

“Professional movie reviewers are the lapdogs of the entertainment industry,” said Collins. “Those who generate the best hype are treated to fancy tid-bits and allowed to cozy up with beautiful people. It’s a club, and until now, none of us were invited.”

Early test users of the site agreed. “That’s why sites like this one are so important: everyone has access to the clubhouse,” said Christopher Hemann. ” It’s like the angry mob with pitchforks at the gates of Hollywood exclusive neighborhoods. NO MORE ABOMINATIONS! WE’RE NOT PEASANTS — WE’RE UNPLEASANTS!”

The site is already generating intense enthusiasm, Barry says. And — who knows? — with the influence the internet is already having on movie making, maybe Hollywood will hear the roar.


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