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iTaggit – Facebook Application for Sharing Items and Collections


iTaggit launch innovative Facebook application for sharing items and collections with friends.

The application displays up to six collections on a user’s Facebook profile — the top five most recently updated public collections and a user’s Wishlist. The Wishlist collection is a popular new feature on iTaggit that allows users to add, tag and share gift ideas with their friends on Facebook, in addition to the iTaggit platform itself — a particularly relevant function with the holiday shopping season just around the corner.

“Facebook is an exciting platform for iTaggit and our users,” said iTaggit CEO David Altounian. “The ability to share collections and items provides another way for people to connect and interact. Our Facebook application is another important feature that we have implemented in our push to help individuals and collectors better manage, organize, and share the things that they value.”

“I’m in Facebook all day, everyday,” said Jamie Gilliam, Facebook/iTaggit user. “Bringing iTaggit into that interface lets me manage my collections and see my friends’ stuff without ever leaving Facebook where I’m spending all my time in anyway.”

The iTaggit Facebook application is available immediately. Individuals can add the application by searching for “iTaggit” in the Facebook application directory, or by selecting “add” from the Profile of friends who have already added the application. To learn more about iTaggit or chat with others who are using the Facebook application, Facebook members can join the “iTaggit — The Place for Every Thing!” group.

About iTaggit
iTaggit is a web-based item management information system that provides “the place for every thing” by securely storing and organizing information, enabling research, and building communities based on individuals and collections of items. This essential online environment allows our user community to maximize the value and enjoyment of their stuff. iTaggit was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas.

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