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Insightory – Connecting Management Professionals With Corporate World


Insightory is a platform for management professionals, academicians and graduate business students to share their knowledge and insights with the corporate world, solve management issues collaboratively, and network with peers who have similar professional interests.

Their goal is to do for management knowledge what Wikipedia has done for general knowledge i.e. put it out on the “open” web, so that those who have expertise can add to it, and those who need the expertise can tap into it. In doing so, they will create powerful networks, with rich opportunities for “providers” as well as “seekers” of management knowledge.

They believe in :

  • Companies need a constant supply of “management knowledge” (best practices, trends, how-to’s, insights, etc.)
  • Having access to multiple viewpoints is better than having access to a few.
  • Management knowledge is not the essential domain of a few; it is distributed among tens of thousands of smart, experienced people all over the world.
  • Currently, there isn’t any effective way for companies to tap into the experience and expertise of those who aren’t employees or contractors / consultants.

The most efficient mechanism for building and distributing knowledge is an open, internet-based system.

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