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Adotube – Next Generation Video Monetizing Platform


Adotube is a publisher-centric online video monetizing platform that enables you to generate revenue by showing brand-name ads in your video content. Adotube takes video advertising to the next level.

The Online Video Advertising report describes the dynamics that will drive advertisers to spend “at least” $1.5 billion on online video ads by the end of the decade. Adotube solution delivers targeted advertising in the visual style and format relevant to your business and video inventory. We accommodate CPA, CPC and CPM models.

No longer are in-video advertising campaigns purely reactive, but with Adotube’s technology, the Ad campaign becomes INTERACTIVE by generating additional value for Advertisers measuring viewer ENGAGMENT. The possibilities are endless, and the matching of potential sponsors to most story-driven shows is the best targeting one could hope for.

Online video advertising is becoming more than a once tiny segment of the overall market. Adotube is at the forefront of emerging technologies in video and we’ve pioneered a “publisher centric” approach to draw value from your content: You, the publisher, are always in control through a custom designed management console.

Adotube is known industry wide for pioneering in-video lead generation campaigns, in-video credit card processing for video monetizing, and a Supervised Contexutalization® approach for contextualizing your video library. With Adotube you simply have the most options to generate the most revenue.

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