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Wix – Create and Publish Flash Based Web Content Free


Wix is an online application for creating and publishing stunning web content in flash.

With Wix you don’t have to be a designer or programmer to create gorgeous Websites and embeddable Web objects. Wix’s drag & drop interface easily adds audio, video, images, text, animation, decoration, and so much more. Wix can be published anywhere on the Web—social networks, blogs, as a stand-alone, etc.

Just like a regular website, the only difference being that is was built using the Wix editor and is rendered in Flash. A Wix Website is comparable in every other way to a normal website, in the sense that it provides multiple pages, navigation, graphics, text, and more. A major benefit of a Wix Website is its inherent XML structure, making it search engine friendly.

An ExtraSpace is an embeddable Wix object that expands the layout of a MySpace profile page, providing additional space for user-expression. Essentially, an ExtraSpace is a website within a MySpace profile. Wix can be published anywhere on the Web.


Wix Website: can be published as a standalone site. At first, Wix websites will be published on’s domain, but in the future users will be able to publish their Wix websites at any URL.

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