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SocialEngine – PHP Based Social Network Platform


SocialEngine is a PHP-based white-label social network platform that installs a full-featured social network on your website. Like other white-label solutions, it includes most of today’s popular features such as blogs, photo albums, groups, comments, messaging, and search.

SocialEngine is the only self-hosted social network platform that can truly give you the opportunity for explosive, viral growth. Other social network apps create social networks that look and work the same. SocialEngine’s simple design lets you highlight your unique theme.

SocialEngine is the only product of its kind that does not force any copyright statements or branding on the visible areas of your social network.

SocialEngine - PHP Based Social Network Platform

Another unique aspect of SocialEngine is its capability to have “subnetworks.” SocialEngine automatically sorts your users into these subnetworks depending on the rules you (the administrator) have set. For example, you can organize users by age, location, profession, university, and so forth. Smart administrators will use this feature to show highly-targeted advertisements to their users, generating above-average advertising returns.

SocialEngine has been updated to include a news feed and a powerful targeted advertising system. Now, new startup social networks can have a news feed similar to those found on mainstream social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Also, ads on the social networks can be targeted based on users’ profile data. SocialEngine is now the only self-hosted social network platform that offers this as a built-in feature.

Access the user beta here:
Access the admin beta here:

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