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Kollecta – Social Community Based Online Collector Paradise


Kollecta is a community-based online collector’s paradise. Users have access to a comprehensive database of over a million (and growing!) collectible items. After registering online, you can quickly record which items you presently own, want, and have for sale, enabling you to build an electronic record of what you have collected so far and what you need to complete your collection. You are able to display your Collections to others in a secure manner without revealing your identity or location. You can also share a little detail about yourself by customizing your profile with photos.

You have an item that isn’t in the database? You can add it – it’s easy! You can also add images, notes, and so on to the database of Items, allowing the community to grow and benefit from everyone’s experience in their collecting field. You can see how the community rates and values your Items, and you can participate in these activities too. You gain points for things you do in the collecting community that benefit everyone, such as adding Items, refining Item detail, and so on. In the future, collectors will receive benefits depending on their level of Kollecta points.

Kollecta also connects you with other collectors who love the same things you do. You can join Groups that collect your favorite things, and if there isn’t a Group – add one! Buyers and sellers come together in Kollecta to trade Items they both share an affinity with.

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  • Hi Social Guy, thanks for profiling our site!

  • socko

    This is actually a cool site and despite the name ‘Kollecta’ looks like it’s for hardcore and fun collectors of stuff !

  • allie

    I think its a cool idea and many others would 2 once they have a look around. Evryone collects *something!*