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MagToo – Image Widget Application, Create Slide and Panorama Shows


MagToo, an image widget application and portal site that allows users to create slide and panorama shows and share them on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites as well as link them on Google Maps.

“MagToo introduces new features previously unavailable with other image widget applications,” says Jay Son, Founder and CEO of 3cim. “Users are always looking for new ways to make their profile pages stand out. Our goal was to build a superior image widget for social sites like Facebook and Myspace and give users a truly unique way to personalize their profiles.”

MagToo’s most notable feature is the world’s first web-based auto stitching Panorama Show application that allows users to create 360 degree or partial panorama images in three simple steps. Unlike other panorama stitching tools, MagToo does not require images to be taken with a special lens or a tripod. Once the user uploads overlapped photos, MagToo will automatically stitch the photos to create a panorama.

The MagToo Trip Show is another feature that users will enjoy. With Trip Show, users can create “virtual travelogues” by mapping their slide and panorama shows on Google maps. For the first time, users can map vacations, events, places or simply their weekend fun and share these travelogues on Facebook, MySpace, and other sites.

In addition, MagToo offers a quick and easy slide show building tool complete with styles, themes, skins and music that can be selected by the user to personalize their slide show. It also offers a unique magnifier tool for users to view close-ups of any image they upload.

MagToo - Image Widget Application

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