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plink – Digital Photos Empower the New Brag Tag


Facebook introduced the concept of “tagging” to U.S. consumers in 2004, allowing them to share and identify people within their digital photo albums. Since then, it has become a widely-accepted pastime for social networkers, but a fairly static one. Enter the new age of tagging – the plink.

Plink is a social application that allows members to add information or annotation relating to people, objects and products on photos and share these annotations with friends within their social network. The application also facilitates the ability by members to purchase products that they or their friends have identified. The Plink application is hosted in the U.S. and intended for use by individuals located within the U.S.

Plink enables consumers to identify, browse and purchase from a catalog of brand, retail and online affiliates with access to millions of individual products, clothing and accessories within the context of digital photos. Through proprietary analytics, Plink is able to serve highly targeted advertising and provide a more personalized and satisfying online shopping experience.

The popular social networking site, Facebook, boasts a user base of over 78 million, with over 15 billion photos uploaded daily. Bottom line, Plink is not just another application; rather, the ultimate bragging and tagging experience within your social network! You can easily download the application to your Facebook profile and within seconds, discover the endless opportunities Plink has to offer!

plink - Digital Photos Empower the New Brag Tag

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