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IdeaFry Launch New and Free Blogging Platform


Reason to rejoice for Bloggers, the great news is … that there is now another blogging platform where you can get a blog for free and even put up Google Adsense on your blog.

More importantly, IdeaFry uses the most popular open-source blogging software; WordPress Multi-User edition. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogger myself because of its ease of use, but the trouble with blogger is that there are severe limitations as compared to other platforms such as WordPress or Typepad.

Having said that, installing and running a blog/website on your own domain [web address] using either WordPress or Typepad is definitely not easy for newbies and laymen. So the nice people over at IdeaFry solved that problem and starting and running your own blog [for free] at is a breeze now. They have tweaked the dashboards, options etc and now, it’s as easy to use as blogger is ‘and’ ‘and’ it has some fantastic features which by the looks of it, blogger will never have. (The ability to have Static Pages is just one example).

The only downside for having a blog at was that you could not profit from your writing by putting up Google Adsense Ads or other Ads through the use of HTML. Blogger has that option but then just because of this very option, there are countless spam blogs @ blogspot with garbage posted and Adsense Ads all over.

And now, the guys at IdeaFry have a solution for it; you not only have a great blogging platform to blog with free of cost, you can in fact get ads placed on your blog and earn a decent income from your writings if they are good. At the moment serves ads on a 90-10 sharing basis so if your page is viewed 100 times, your ads will be shown 90 times.

IdeaFry - New and Free Blogging Platformg

I already started a blog there, I have some rough plans for it, nothing concrete but it looks good and I will be busy there indeed. So Join and Keep blogging @

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