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Friendster Deploys OpenSocial, Developers Can Now Reach the Largest Social Networking User Base in Asia


Friendster has deployed the OpenSocial standard application programming interfaces (APIs) as part of the Friendster Developer Program. Companies and individual developers can now use the OpenSocial standard to introduce their applications, or features, to Friendster’s 75 million users around the world.

OpenSocial support is a significant enhancement and extension to the successful Friendster Developer Program, launched in late 2007. Friendster was only the second major social network to launch a robust developer platform, and since then, the Friendster Developer Program has been successful with both users and developers alike.

Since its launch, over 10 million unique users have added “apps,” most users add several apps, and about half a million apps are being added by users to their profile pages each day. There are thousands of developers registered for the Friendster Developer Program, there are about 2,000 members of the Friendster Developer Platform Group on Friendster, over 450 apps have been deployed on Friendster, and thousands more apps are currently under development by third-party developers.

OpenSocial is a community-driven initiative that continues to evolve with the help of many developers, websites, and companies, including Google. Friendster, a founding member of the OpenSocial initiative, has deployed APIs from version 0.7 of the OpenSocial specification, making it easy for existing OpenSocial applications using version 0.7 to be launched on Friendster and reach Friendster’s over 75 million users. Friendster also plans to support additional OpenSocial APIs in the coming months, including the new 0.8 APIs.

The Flow Diagram for Adding an App is as follows

Friendster is the #1 social network in Asia, with over 55 million registered users and 33 million monthly unique visitors from Asia. In Asia, Friendster is almost twice the size of any other social network. Friendster is the 9th largest website and the 3rd largest social network in the world in terms of traffic, with over 22.1 billion page views a month. Friendster is 1st in “user engagement” among the top five global social networks with an average of 215 minutes per visitor per month.

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