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New AIM Express, Offers Users an Innovative, Web-Based Chat Experience

AIM Express

AOL’s new AIM Express, Flash-based Web version of the popular AIM service, enabling users to chat with friends and family without needing to install software. AIM Express offers users a clean design and a richer Web-based instant messaging experience with easy access to their buddies from nearly anywhere.

AIM service is at the center of one of the largest and most dynamic online and mobile communities. It provides developers with an open and modular platform for development and access to millions of Americans. The AIM service is where users go to find their friends and manage their social lives through instant messaging, email and mobile texting as well as robust voice and video services.

AIM Express features include:

Tabbed IM Conversations : The entire chat experience is contained within one Web page. IM conversations open up as separate tabs within the AIM Buddy List, which takes up just one-quarter of the screen, so that multiple windows are not open on the desktop.

Status Message : This feature lets users broadcast a personal message to friends on their Buddy List feature regardless of whether or not they are online. AIM Express users can now see at-a-glance what their friends are doing at any given time.

Text Message Mode : AIM Express users can now send text messages by entering the cell phone numbers of friends and family on their AIM Buddy Lists.

Buddy Rollover : Users can mouse over their buddies’ screen names to view buddy icons and current status messages.

Browser Compatibility: AIM Express is compatible with the most popular Web browsers, including Internet Explorer (6 & 7), Firefox (2 & 3) and Safari (2 & 3) for Mac users.

AOL also announced the availability of AIM for Windows Mobile. Users of smartphones including the Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack and many Palm Treos can now enjoy all the best features of AIM for the desktop while on-the-go, such as status messages and buddy icons. In addition, AIM for Windows Mobile also gives users the choice of sending text messages via SMS. Advertising will be supported by Third Screen Media, Platform-A’s mobile ad serving platform and network.

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