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Brightgrad – UK’s First Interactive Social Recruitment Site, Search for Your Dream Career


Brightgrad is the new interactive recruitment network for talented students and graduates in search of their dream career. The company launched their social recruitment site on 15th August 2008 following a pre launch tour of the UK’s universities and education establishments. It is the first recruitment company to embrace the benefits of social networking for use in the graduate recruitment sector.

Brightgrad has developed its social recruitment site to offer an entirely different way of looking for the perfect job or candidate. The site provides separate login areas for graduates and recruiters to create an entirely personal experience. Graduates also have access to their information by viewing multiple profiles. Graduates can see what is on display to their fellow networkers and recruiters allowing a secure recruitment experience.

Graduates are able to enter their personal details and upload multiple CV’s to an account. Brightgrad allows graduates to become part of an integrated, online community through social networking with other graduates and potential employers. Upon logging in they are presented with the latest jobs and a ‘People Like You’ function allowing for further networking opportunities with likeminded individuals who study similar subjects or courses.

Omar Al-Omar, Senior Partner of Brightgrad said of the launch, “Brightgrad fuses the power of social media and graduate recruitment for the first time and we are very excited about revealing our innovative platform to graduates and recruiters. Together they will quickly discover a revolutionary new way of conducting online recruitment through our interactive interface.”

Brightgrad allows recruiters and head hunters to connect with graduates and future candidates on a unique level. Recruiters are invited to browse candidates’ CV’s, create events and groups to further enhance the sense of community throughout the site. Recruiters are able to represent themselves fully in their company profiles and post jobs on the site at the click of a button.

Brightgrad creates a reassuring and user friendly platform for recruiters and graduates to enter into meaningful conversations and truly understand each other.

Brightgrad - UK's First Interactive Social Recruitment Site

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    Brightgrad is a great site, been using it for a while for possible graduate opportunities. It's currently being re-developed so it's down at the moment. Looks like the new Beta for it will be up soon though!