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Now Access BlogCatalog with Your Apple iPhone


BlogCatalog, a blogger social network, has launched “Mobile BC” – a Web based application specially developed for Apple iPhone. You can now access BlogCatalog with your iPhone no the go, you can login, search, discuss and share with other blogcatalog members.

In addition to being able to access the social network’s discussions, BlogCatalog members can track member activity across BlogCatalog and more than 20 other social networks, including Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Flickr,, Multiply, MySpace, Sphinn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and YouTube.

The browser-based application was developed as a natural extension of BlogCatalog’s cross-network dashboard aggregation feature. The BlogCatalog dashboard allows members to track the activities of their friends across social networks.

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“Any network we add to the dashboard can be added to the mobile application so bloggers can keep up with discussions, groups, communities, and other social networks on their iPod Touch or iPhone,” says Antony Berkman, president of “So rather than signing onto several networks, bloggers can leverage Mobile BC as their primary source, scan multiple networks, and then easily connect to other networks as needed.”

According to Berkman, the power behind Mobile BC is its simplicity, which provides faster load times, and in its navigation, which makes new information easy to find and access. Both features seem to be important to bloggers based upon the complaints they had about other native network applications.

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