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9 Tips to Increase Your Technorati Rank Quickly


For some people, their blogs Technorati rank is confusing and they do not fully understand it. Even more confusing for many bloggers is how to increase your Technorati rank and increase it rather quickly.

So let me start by telling you what the Technorati rank is.

The Technorati rank is how many other blogs in Technorati actually link back to your blog. Not how many blogs link back to you, but how many blogs Technorati knows about that link back to yours.

It’s important to understand that a blog has to be claimed by its owner on Technorati. To claim it, all you do is open a free account with Technorati and follow directions on how to claim your blog.

Why Your Technorati Rank Is Important :

Many bloggers and Webmasters do not understand why a blogs Technorati ranking is important. If you don’t care about selling ads or links on your blog, then the Technorati rank is probably worthless to you. On the other hand, a low Technorati rank (low means good here) can increase the amount you’re paid for links or sponsored reviews.

Now to the good stuff. Here’s some ideas on how to increase your Technorati rank :

  1. First thing is to put one of those Technorati badges on your blog. This makes it easier for people to “Fav” your blog, which gives you a point.
  2. Simply asking others to “Fav” your blog on Technorati works wonders.
  3. If you have other blogs, claim those under your account and link to your main blog.
  4. Although considered a no-no by many, Digital Point’s buy and sell forum has many offers of people willing to sell you a link. It’s not hard to find people with hundreds of blogs willing to post an article on their network with a link back to your site.
  5. The truly White Hat way to increase your Technorati ranking is to write unique and compelling content. Great content will generate links by itself.
  6. I’ve had marginal success at commenting on do-follow blogs. The link you get back will count toward your rank if the blog your commenting on is claimed.
  7. Linking out to post on other blogs can help you if the track back is a do-follow.
  8. “Fav”‘ing other Technorati users post. This brings your blog to the attention of other Technorati users. In turn, many will visit your blog and link back. This can be an effective strategy if you have time to visit a lot of Technorati users.
  9. Run a Contest or give something away. Everyone loves to link to a great online contest or a blog that is giving away cool stuff. Just make sure you ask your readers to link back to you. You might even give them extra “entries” into the contest for writing a post on their blog about your contest. This can increase your rank tremendously in a short time period.

These may sound like simple steps to take, but you’ll be surprised at how many bloggers fail to take advantage of a low Technorati rank. Like I said earlier, if you’re not into selling links or ad space, then you shouldn’t lose sleep over your Technorati rank. Sometimes it’s a fun challenge just to go out and see how high you can get your rank. Now you know how to increase your Technorati rank quickly and easily.

Thanks to Donald Lawson

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  • Oh, thank you for tips. Today I search info about Technorati rank and now reading usefull articles on this blog.

  • Oh, thank you for tips. Today I search info about Technorati rank and now reading usefull articles on this blog.

  • Oh, thank you for tips. Today I search info about Technorati rank and now reading usefull articles on this blog.

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