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MySpace Integrates Profile 2.0 – Modular Drag and Drop Style Profile Editor


MySpace, the world’s premiere social network, integrates Profile 2.0, the next step in the iterative global site redesign, enabling millions of users to opt-in and customize the appearance of their profiles using an innovative new drag-and-drop user interface.

Profile 2.0 marks the next wave of MySpace’s global redesign initiative launched last year and comes only months after a new splash page and navigation redesign. Profile 2.0 builds on MySpace’s existing framework with a new friend categorization functionality to offer even deeper levels of creativity and control for users.

MySpace launches Profile 2.0

The key features included in Profile 2.0 are :

Drag and Drop Visual Interface : MySpace users will now be able to alter their profile simply by dragging and dropping modules (like comments or friends) into any location to create new profile layouts. In addition, users now have fast and intuitive editing and loading functionality to customize each profile module.

Viewing Flexibility : Profile 2.0 enables users to display certain information on their profile to specific friend categories that they create or have already created through ‘Friend Categorization.’ For example, a user may choose to share specific profile modules like their calendar with their classmates and share their previous companies with co-workers or any other group of their choosing. Profile 2.0 gives users more control over the information that is shared on MySpace, who views it and when.

Themes : MySpace has created approximately 50 new profile styles and themes giving users the ultimate flexibility to revamp their profiles at whim whether they want a quick change or a unique new look. The easy to use one-click themes will also feature popular celebrities, fashion designers, films, musicians and sports figures in the coming weeks.

You can now make your profile look different to different groups of friends. It gives users the privacy and customization they want. Users will be offered the new profile, but have the option of keeping their current profile including any CSS functionality they have added.

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