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MySpace’s Primetime Application – Watch Full-Length Video


Just few days ago, MySpace integrates Profile 2.0, the next step in the iterative global site redesign. And now MySpace launches MySpace Primetime Application. The new, internally developed, application is available free for users to embed on profiles with one click of the mouse and enabling users to watch full-length videos Form Hulu, Warner Bros, MySpace original and licensed content.

Once embedded, the MySpace Primetime application allows users to search for and watch premium content from Hulu and any of the +150 branded channels on MySpaceTV.

MySpace Primetime Application

Here’s how users add the MySpace Primetime application to their profiles/user homepage :

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “Add this App” button in the top right hand corner.
  3. A pop-up box regarding placement and notification options appears. Users then choose where they want the application to be placed on their homepage or profile and how they want it to be updated, if at all. Once satisfied with their selections, users click “Add” to continue.
  4. The application will then be added to the area the user indicated in the previous step.
  5. ALL DONE! Users may now start using the application.

The MySpace Primetime Application is free to download for all users. It is ad-supported through the multiple ad-solutions available on MySpace including companion display advertising, tickers, pre-roll, post-roll, amongst others.

In addition to the MySpace Primetime Application, MySpace has redesigned the MySpace Primetime community (originally launched December 2007) where users are able to watch content such as 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, 24, Heroes, and classic TV programming including Airwolf, Buck Rogers and Kojak powered by a partnership with Hulu.

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