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TrueThinker – Knowledge Networking : Share, Organize and Breed Your Knowledge


The shortcomings of social networking sites – inappropriate ads, spam, invasion of privacy – have become all too obvious. Online tool TrueThinker, now available in redesigned version 2.0, moves beyond social networking. Instead, it offers people or companies a powerful, artificial intelligence-based tool for “knowledge networking”.

Enthusiasts or hobbyists can grow their knowledge on their favorite topic by sharing experiences, tips and techniques, news and other information with anyone who has the same interest. Interest groups can efficiently organize, educate and share ideas locally or globally. Businesses can offer employees one place to access “institutional wisdom” and experience, data and research, as well as forums for people to collaborate on project development, training and other activities.

Networking for Knowledge :

TrueThinker’s knowledge-management, community and organization features make creating, growing and sharing knowledge on any topic easy :

  • Communities : You or your organization can create private or public communities of people with the same social, business, research or other interests. There, you share ideas, resources and information, as well as documents and photos.
  • KnowledgeBank : You or your employees can store relevant and valued information in the private, secure and searchable TrueThinker KnowledgeBank. You can save documents, images, links, bookmarks, databases and more, organizing the information in any way you like.
  • Intelligent organization : TrueThinker contains patented AI technology (the “AutoGnome”) that categorizes the information you save – links, searches, documents, etc. It does this after a “training period” in which it learns about what information you save and how you organize it.

“Why network just to network?” asked William Dale Koehler, president, CEO and co-founder of As It Is, Inc., the company that created TrueThinker. “TrueThinker is a complete system for sharing, organizing and actually growing knowledge, which is then available for you and others to use. Think of it as your global mindtrust.”

TrueThinker is a membership service, so there’s no advertising clutter or invasion of privacy. One year-long membership to TrueThinker costs $30, but a free, seven-day trial is available now.

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