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sniff Out Your Friends on the Sprint Network


I have some very exciting news to share with you from the location aware technology gurus, Useful Networks. Their internationally popular, Facebook integrated, friend finder – sniff (social network integrated friend finder) is now available in the United States on the Sprint Network!

Unlike other friend finder services, sniff allows users to find friends automatically and in real-time, rather than the last time they logged in to the service, by either sending a text message from a mobile phone or through the integrated Facebook application. No downloading or upfront fee is required. If you can send a text message … you can sniff!

Once consumers receive required permission from their friends, using sniff is as simple as sending an SMS text message. In return, sniff provides consumers with a detailed map view of their friends’ locations – making meeting up easier than ever before.

Through the sniff Facebook application, consumers can easily invite, connect with and sniff their Facebook friends. Registration for sniff is free and takes just seconds by sending “sniff” to short code 76433 (sniff) from a Sprint device. “sniffing out” friends is charged at $0.25 on a “per sniff” basis and users are only charged if they receive a successful result.

sniff’s popularity is largely due to its ability to provide consistent coverage and an enhanced user experience across mobile carriers and handsets. Useful Networks intends to make sniff compatible with more major wireless carriers in the U.S. and available in Turkey, Canada and France in coming months.

Begin sniffing out friends today, text “sniff” to 76433 from a Sprint phone.

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