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Lifeblob – Capture Your Life on a Timeline


Lifeblob is a social timeline service where you can build a timeline of your life and see how it intersects with your friends and family.

Lets say that five friends go on a trip and one of them uploads the photos on his timeline – with lifeblob, these photos would also get reflected in the timelines of the other four, since they too were part of this event. Now imagine all your friends and family sharing photos in this manner and this becomes a unique way to keep everyone updated on whats going on in your life and also capture your entire life and how other people are related to it.

Your life is presented back to you on a rich media timeline with each event linking you to your friends and family. In this way, it truly represents how life paths of various people cross each other over a period of time.

Nominated for Mashable Open Web Awards, lifeblob has now evolved into a service that is not only relevant to friends and families as described above but also applied to the social setting by tracking college and corporate alumni, communities and personal lives and careers.

You can create a timeline for any topic you care about, invite people to contribute to it and also bootstrap your timelines quickly by linking it with other services like Flickr, Picasa and YouTube.

Lifeblob is also an excellent medium to tell a story which makes it suitable to capture biographies of prominent personalities, celebrities, sports teams etc. Lifeblob currently hosts over 300,000 timelines of various celebrities which include biographies of popular celebrities from all across the world.

Pete Cashmore's Timeline on Lifeblob
Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore’s Timeline on Lifeblob

Here are a few timelines that may be interesting to you :

  1. Pete Cashmore’s Timeline:
  2. CEO of Lifeblob, Pranav Bhasin’s Timeline:
  3. Lifeblob’s Timeline:
  4. Yahoo’s Timeline ( focus on Microsoft courtship ):

The timelines can be embedded inside any webpage or blog and a user has complete control over what posts gets shown to everyone vs what gets shown only to friends and family.

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  • it's really awesome service and loving it