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Mozbox – Social Shopping that Earns You Money!


Mozbox is the first social cashback shopping network, combining the social aspects of a community site, with the benefits of cashback shopping based within a massive shopping environment.

What makes Mozbox truly unique is that Members have the potential to earn cashback on almost every action they take on the site. As well as getting cashback on all purchases made through Mozbox, Members can also earn bonus cashback on their friend’s purchases if they are referred by a product review, wishlist or a recommendation.

Mozbox - Social Shopping

So how does it work?

  1. Register – Creating a profile on Mozbox is easy and there’s even a £2.00 sign up bonus for signing up, and a further £2 bonus for every new sign up you refer to Mozbox!
  2. Interact Search for, invite and make friends with other Mozbox Members. Take part in the cashback community by recommending and reviewing products, and create wishlists of favourite products.
  3. Start Earning Cashback! On Mozbox, you can earn cashback from almost everything you do. Any review, wishlist or product recommendation you make that leads to a sale earns you cashback. And of course you can earn cashback the old fashioned way, by browsing through the massive product catalogue and making the purchase yourself!

What about the Social side?

Mozbox wouldn’t be a social cash back shopping network without the ability to interact and make friends with fellow Mozbox members. Some of the social networking features include:

  • Invite friends and contacts by importing them from your email contacts list. Every new sign up you refer will earn you a Bonus £2.00! (Once the new member hits their cash back limit).
  • Search for existing friends within Mozbox, or make new friends with the Friend search feature.
  • Organise friends into Friend types which can be used to restrict your profile information and control who sees what information.
  • Communicate with other Mozbox members using messaging, comments and multi-user message threading.

Create lists of products that you really want for a Birthday, Christmas or a Wedding. Then assign the lists to a group of friends so they know exactly what to buy! Not only do you get the gift you want, but you also earn cashback on all purchases made from your wishlist.

Mozbox contains over 500,000 products from hundreds of online retailers. Advanced search functionality makes it easy to find the right product. Mozbox provides advanced features and screens to allow you to keep track of your purchases, clicks and cash backs, as well as stats on your referral bonuses.

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