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Search Cloudlet Adds Tag Clouds to Twitter

Search Cloudlet

Search Cloudlet – an easy-to-use Firefox extension that adds context-sensitive tag clouds to the most popular search engines and helps people more efficiently navigate through their search results. The previous version of Search Cloudlet worked with Google and Yahoo; the new version also works with Twitter. It adds Tag Clouds, Author Clouds, Recipient Clouds and Hashtag Clouds to Twitter search, Twitter user profiles and home pages.

There are two main ways that Search Cloudlet helps people improve their Twitter experience. First, it helps them efficiently narrow the search. A person should simply click on a cloud item (tag, author, recipient, etc.) to add it to the query. Second, it helps to get a summary of all found tweets without even reviewing them. For example, a cloud located on the top of a user profile page allows viewers to spend less than a second to grasp what this user is tweeting about.

Twitter Tag Cloud

Unlike the existing tag cloud tools for Twitter, Search Cloudlet offers full organic integration of cloud-based navigation into all Twitter functions. After installing Search Cloudlet, users get tag clouds seamlessly inserted into their Twitter home-pages, search pages, profile pages, favorites and even into public timeline. Also, on top of traditional simple tag clouds, Cloudlet adds various context-sensitive clouds, such as Author Clouds, Recipient Clouds and Hashtag Clouds.

The new version of Search Cloudlet supports all the key functions available in previous versions. For example, for a Google blog search, Search Cloudlet builds an Author Cloud that shows which authors contributed the most to the discussions around specific topics; for a web search, it provides a server-cloud that shows which websites contain the most important/relevant information about your subject, etc. The Cloudlet can be easily turned on and off by just one mouse click.

The first beta version of Search Cloudlet was integrated only with Google and Yahoo and was released on December 15, 2008. Over 30000 users have downloaded it within the first 10 weeks after the release, approximately 25% of them keep using Search Cloudlet on everyday basis.

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