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Survey: Most Embarrassed by Their Social Networking Profile

Embarrassed by Their Social Networking Profile

How are you? I thought you might be interested in the following survey results from, the leading people search engine. According to a new survey, more than half of Web users (53%) admit they would be embarrassed if an employer, teacher or parent viewed the content on their social networking profile on Facebook, MySpace or similar sites.

Yasni collected thousands of votes from Web users for their latest survey about social networking habits and beliefs. Many people would be embarrassed by the content of their social networking site after learning that one-third of HR and business managers said that they check social networking sites to gather background information on current employees and new candidates. 24% of those said they have turned down job candidates based on what they found, such as inappropriate photos and rude comments.

More than one-third (35%) of U.S. adult Internet users have a profile on a social networking site, but according to Yasni, the world’s leading people search engine, more than half of those people admit to being embarrassed by the content that appears on their profile.

A recent online survey commissioned by Yasni also revealed the potential impact of social networking on employment. A survey of 950 HR and business managers, for example, revealed that almost a third (32%) search the Web and check social networking sites to gather background and behavior information on potential recruits and existing employees. Additionally, a quarter (24%) said they have turned down job candidates based on what they found online, such as inappropriate photos and rude comments.

The use of Facebook and social networking sites as an informal tool for researching job candidates looks set to continue. Of the 68 percent of business people who had not searched for data on potential employees online, almost half (44%) said they are likely to do so in future.

“We’ve seen several instances of the negative impact social networking could have on people’s lives if they’re not careful and considerate,” said Steffen Ruehl, CEO and Co-Founder of “For anyone concerned about the image they present on social networking sites, can be a useful first step in taking control of your online reputation.”

For all those who expressed embarrassment at the thought of an employer viewing their social networking profiles, can be a valuable resource to easily identify all the information that exists about oneself online, and take actions to improve their overall presentation. returns detailed findings for more than one billion people on the Web, and tracks more sources than any other people search engine, including Web links, images, social networking profiles, blog listings, online shopping wish lists and much more. With, anyone can take control of their online footprint and present the best image possible.

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