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Bebo’s b-box Reaches More than 4 Million


Bebo‘s newest web show, b-box, has been viewed more than 4 million times via the Ooyala Video Player, a key component included in the Ooyala Backlot online publishing platform.

The weekly magazine style show, a Bebo Original production, launched early this year on the Bebo social media network. Since then, it has quickly gained a loyal following for its energetic hosts Alice Levine and James Cooper and their segments covering the hottest content in entertainment and across the Bebo network.

Bebo's b-box

Ooyala‘s Flash-based video player has been the video player of choice for all of Bebo’s original productions since 2007, due to the high quality playback, elegant design, and variety of video controls.

“We wanted the viewing experience to be a great viewing experience – both when the video player is in a small dimension and when it is full screen. Ooyala delivers that,” says Kelly Brett, Head of Original Programming, Bebo.

b-box, delivered in 6 minute episodes, is produced by RDF Digital. It is the 5th Bebo show to be showcased on the social network via the Ooyala Video Player. Other web hits such KateModern, Sofia’s Diary, Sam King, and Gap Year are also airing premium quality video through Ooyala’s video technology. KateModern, one of the most successful web series to date, was also delivered through the Ooyala Video Player. The show achieved more than 67 million views during the 2 seasons that it aired.

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