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Top 30 Deal Hunters to Follow on Twitter


Looking for deals? Twitter is a great place to start, but there are no definitive lists of who the best deal finders are on Twitter. And while this list doesn’t claim to be the de facto guide, it’s a good place to start. This list compiles 30 of the most followed people on Twitter who contribute some great deals on a regular basis.

We’re going to continue to add to the list over time, and if you have suggestions, please add them in the comment field or let us know on Twitter via @savingsdotcom. (follow at: @sociableblog ).

  • Tara Kuczykowski (@DealSeekingMom) Tara is one of the Walmart Eleven Moms, and she’s a mom extraordinaire of five, running, where she often blogs about her latest and greatest everyday finds.
  • Melissa Garcia (@ConsumerQueen) Melissa is the ConsumerQueen, and one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms. Regardless, you won’t find the same steals and deals from her husband the ConsumerKing.
  • Danelle Ice (@HomemakerBarbi) – Danelle is a Mom blogger for Oscar Mayer and one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms. While tweeting about mommy life and deals, she also runs
  • Sara Rachelle (@sararachelle) – Sara is another Mom blogger based in San Antonio, Texas who often tweets about general tips, giveaways, deals, and the experience of being a mother.
  • Heather Hernandez (@freebies4mom) – Heather Hernandez is a Mom blogger who runs Not only does she tweet about giveaways and deals, she’ll often run her own giveaways.
  • Claire & Lara (@TrippingOnWords) – Claire and Lara tweet mostly about coupons but unlike most of the folks on our list, they concentrate on a broader range of deals, ranging from plane tickets to glucose monitors.
  • Erin Gifford (@ErinGifford) – Erin runs and is also one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms. She focuses on freebies and everyday items from Safeway, Rite Aid, CVS and more.
  • Cheapy D (@videogamedeals) – Cheapy D runs (yes, you read that correctly), a community-based site that is devoted to finding the best video game deals around. Follow Cheapy to find deals on everything from Little Big Planet to EverQuest.
  • Kitty (@coupondivas) – Kitty runs and while she may not tweet about deals, she’s a great resource for promotional and coupon codes.
  • Alyssa Francis (@kingdomfirstmom) – One of Walmart’s Eleven Moms, and mother of four, Alyssa’s Twitter is a great addendum to her blog, which features great tips, deals and giveaways.
  • Andrea West (@SavingEveryday) – Another great source for deals, and freebies from Walgreens, Kroger, Target, and more. You can also follow Andrea on her blog.
  • Albert Ko (@cheapcheapcheap) – Albert runs and tweets about deals and coupons, often relating to gadgets, consumer electronics and music.
  • Shannon Snow (@couponprincess) – With six children, Shannon has managed to create her own following as she tweets and blogs about mommy life and living frugally.
  • Heidi Miller (@frugalgirls) – Heidi is a blogger who features great deals and is especially plugged in: not only does she feature some excellent deals on Twitter, she has a big following on Facebook too.
  • Denise Sawyer (@CentsibleSawyer) – Denise, a second-grade teacher known for being ‘centsible’, is one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms and runs a blog about bargains, reviews, and coupons.
  • Kim (@shoppingkim) – Kim has deals on her blog for everything from DVDs and electronics to home items. Watching Slumdog Millionaire is just a whole lot better when you grabbed it for fifty-percent off.
  • Tiffany (@livingasmom) – Tiffany is the mother of a toddler in Atlanta and scours the Web for everyday deals and items. Nothing like a deal to bring out the kid in us all!
  • Ellen (@ThriftyChicMom) – Ellen may not be one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms but that doesn’t mean she can’t find deals like the rest of them can.
  • Stephanie (@Couponing101) – Stephanie runs, a site dedicated to coupon education and, of course, coupons.
  • Dian Farmer (@GroceryShopFREE) – Dian is focused on finding grocery freebies and deals. What could be better than the words ‘free’ and ‘food’ in the same sentence?
  • Eden Spodek (@bargainista) – Eden is great about tweeting and posting deals that she finds, from iPhone apps to Banana Republic sales.
  • Rachel (@survivingstores) – Rachel is a dedicated coupon clipper and has saved thousands of dollars with coupons. She features all of her deals on her blog, tweeting along as she goes.
  • Holly & Mindy (@mommieswithcent) – Holly and Mindy met in Texas, but now both run from Washington and Indiana. With these two, you might just get some transcontinental deals!
  • Crystal (@thethriftymama) – Crystal is a mother in Georgia who runs, where she writes about lots of great deals, sales and savings, with a focus on natural products.
  • Kate (@TheShoppingMama) – Kate’s shopping addiction began when she moved to Germany with her Air Force husband. Now that she has two kids and is back in the States, she’s channeled her energy into blogging and finding some of the best deals around.
  • Dana Adams (@frugalinva) – Dana tweets about everyday items from food to Starbucks to beauty products. She’s also appearing as a guest blogger on Walmart’s Eleven Moms, launching her into super-mom status.
  • Kimberly (@mygoodcents) – Kimberly runs finding the best deals all-around from beautiful, sunny shores of San Diego.
  • Karen (@MrsDealFinder) – A diehard Phillies fan, Karen is also a coupon blogger and tenacious deal hunter. Save money AND follow the game…
  • Karen Weideman (@thriftymommy) – Karen is a blogger with based in North Carolina. She’s been running, a site dedicated to tips and deals related to everyday living, since September 2006.
  • Lori (@freebates) – Lori runs Hooray for Freebates, focusing on deals and products that you can obtain for free through rebates.

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