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FileSocial 2.0 – Secure Twitter-based File Sharing Service


What happens when you want to share more than 140 characters with your followers? Now we can share pictures, videos, music, text documents, compressed files, PowerPoint presentations, Firefox extensions, applications… Anything!

Itʼs as easy as uploading it to FileSocial and a “tweet” will be automatically published with a permanent link to the file along with the description you wish for everyone to see it, download it or comment on it.

The new FileSocial is secure. It uses OAuth, a system that avoids the need to log in with a username and password since it authenticates us directly through Twitter, maintaining the confidentiality of our personal information. With FileSocial, your personal information is safe.

FileSocial - Twitter-based file sharing service

The new FileSocial is easy and convenient. You can upload any type of file up to 50 mb, absolutely free and without an expiry date. Carefully designed to make its use simple, you can see the files other users upload and, of course, see your own files and erase any at any time you wish to.

And if this weren’t enough, you can fiddle around with our API. Software developers can now easily integrate FileSocial in their own service, or create plugins, applications, and widgets.

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