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SocialSafe – Allows Facebook Users to Back Up and Store their Profile and Pictures Offline


Facebook users can now capture their Facebook data and photos then save them onto their own computer in just a few seconds, following the launch of SocialSafe.

SocialSafe is a simple, effective and fun new application that enables Facebook users to manage their Facebook photos, profile information and friends’ contact details offline on their computer of choice. All it takes is a single ‘click’ to capture all their Facebook information within seconds. Significantly there is no long initial registration stage – the entire process is completed in a matter of minutes.

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This offers Facebook users peace of mind, allowing them to fully enjoy their Facebook connections knowing that they can be accessed whether or not they are online.

Key benefits of SocialSafe include:

Photo collation
Photos stored to an individual’s Facebook profile can be downloaded in a few seconds with a single click. This avoids the time-consuming process of downloading each photo or album one at a time.

Data backup
SocialSafe enables users to store and access their valuable Facebook data on their own computer. This includes data relating to friends that was linked to the original profile. Photos can then be rebuilt onto a Facebook profile at a future date should a Facebook account be lost, hacked or deactivated and friends can be easily re-invited.

Time Capsule
A ‘Time Capsule’ function provides an overview of friends found and lost over time, allowing Facebook users to keep in touch with friends even if they stop using Facebook.

SocialSafe is a joint venture between iBundle (innovation hub for software and web companies providing innovative new tools and services for their target markets) and 1minus1 (creative web design & development agency).

Julian Ranger from SocialSafe explains: “Facebook rightly encourages its users to look after their own data. Facebook is an outstanding social network and over 250 million of us use it. However, data losses can happen, accounts can be hacked and users do choose to stop using their accounts. Currently, there is no specific Facebook owned facility to enable users to save and manage their variety of Facebook data offline. SocialSafe meets this requirement.”

SocialSafe can be purchased currently for a single payment of just £1.99 directly from the SocialSafe website.

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