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Chit Chat for Facebook – Instant Messenger

Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat for Facebook is a free instant messenger that allows you to chat with all your Facebook contacts in real time with its unique, swift and easy to use tabbed message window interface. The innovative instant messaging application, which connects to Facebook Chat, provides the convenience and ease of an instant messenger whilst communicating over the Facebook Chat service.

Accessing the popular Facebook community, over two-hundred million strong and still growing, Chit Chat removes the need to use a web-browser to communicate over Facebook Chat. Most importantly, Chit Chat makes it much easier to catch up with, as well as, make new friends.

The Chit Chat developers have taken a fresh perspective on building a user base from traditional instant messengers, bringing its instant messenger to the web 2.0 environment of Facebook where friends are already connected.

Chit Chat Buddy List
Chit Chat Buddy List

Chit Chat Tabbed Message Window
Chit Chat Tabbed Message Window

“Users simply use their existing Facebook friends list and don’t have any need to create or maintain a new contacts list,” said Daniel Offer, Chit Chat co-founder.

Benefits of Chit Chat for Facebook

  • Fun and Free – Convenient and fun way to socialise with your Facebook contacts without the hassle of surfing Facebook
  • Easy to Use – Download, install and then login with your Facebook user name and password – easy!
  • Tomorrows Conversation Is The Start Of Today’s – With Chit Chat history, your conversations are saved until you say the conversation is over, you can pick up your last conversation where you left off. This is perfect for recollecting those funny conversations or solving those arguments over who-said what.
  • Popular? No Problem! – Tabbed messaging window, making it easy to talk to lots of friends at once
  • Instant Message Notification – Let’s you know when you receive a new instant messenger so you can get on with whatever your doing whilst your talking
  • Status Updates – Chit Chat let’s you know when your friends are available to talk to and when they have signed out. This is much easier than refreshing your contacts list in Facebook Chat.
  • Free Your Web-browser – No need to keep your web browser logged into Facebook

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