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Livestream Launches Livepack – Solution for Wireless Live Streaming at HD Quality


Livestream, the leader in live Internet video platforms, launched the world’s first solution for wireless live streaming at HD quality. This innovative development will have a profound impact on the ability of the mainstream media to stream live from anywhere with the highest quality, less equipment, and at far lower costs than traditional solutions such as broadcast trucks.

Livepack is ideal for live broadcasting any events including concerts, interviews, sporting events, town hall meetings, paparazzi, university graduations, weddings, ceremonies, transmission from a moving car, and a variety of enterprise applications.

“Livepack is like having a satellite television truck in a backpack,” said Max Haot, CEO and co-founder of Livestream.

Livepack is an integrated solution using hardware provided by Livestream’s partner, LiveU, that has been fully integrated with Livestream’s streaming video platform and content delivery network (CDN). Livepack fits in a custom-designed backpack and includes everything required to stream live: a built-in wireless connection with six load-balanced 3G/EVDO modems over three carriers, encoding hardware, Firewire cable, and 30 hours of streaming uplink time per month.

Livepack was recently used for coverage of the MTV Video Music Awards, NY Fashion Week, Harry Potter movie premiere and Pixie Lott Live.

How Livepack Works
How Livepack Works

LiveU Device
DV Camera (not included), LiveU device and backpack

Once Livepack is powered up, and a DV camera is connected, all it takes is just one press of a button to start the live streaming, enabling broadcasters to deliver live, on the scene, video coverage at just a fraction of what a satellite truck costs to rent and operate.

Livepack quickly establishes a reliable Internet connection and is not tied to one wireless network, as it includes six 3G/EVDO modems for redundancy. Because it integrates with Livestream’s streaming video platform, Livepack does not require any additional re-encoding or server in your offices to reach its destination. Once the video reaches the Livestream content delivery network the video is immediately streamed in your Livestream player, as well as being captured and securely archived.

Availability and Pricing : Livestream Livepack is available in the U.S. for monthly or yearly rental directly from Livestream, and includes the hardware unit, custom designed backpack, dedicated IP address for the Livestream channel, all 3G/EVDO network charges, and 30 hours of streaming uplink time per month. Neither a DV camera nor tripod are included. Month-to-month rental without commitment is $2,500 per month plus the cost of shipping. Yearly rental is $1,500 per month plus the cost of shipping.

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