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Facebook and Twitter is ‘Notworking’ for Fortysomethings


People who got into home computing when the ZX Spectrum was king are turned off by social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

A lot of people are looking for a calm space online where they can share interesting and useful images, essays and videos with the world but don’t have to shout about what they’ve had for breakfast every day.

That’s according to, the new ‘content-networking’ site which offers a calm space amid the noise of status updates and tweets. - New breed of Content-Networking

“Many people feel excluded if they are not a member of MySpace or Twitter. These sites are growing every single day but this doesn’t mean that people are actively using them or that they cater for the aspirations of all age groups,” says Neil Stapley, founder of

Research by HubSpot found that although thousands of people sign up to Twitter every day, 55 per cent of its members have never tweeted and have no followers. is for people looking for a richer experience online. People can share content which is of interest by posting it on the public pages of the site or starting their own Personal Access Library, known as a PAL.

Members can choose to share their essays, music, photos with close friends or family via a miniPAL or to start a more feature rich maxiPAL for groups or communities of any size. It’s a great way for people to access educational and creative content without having to wade through the jungle of information brought up by search engines.

A recent uSwitch survey found that despite 41 per cent of over 65s thinking social networking is the future of digital communication, 67 per cent did not use any.

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  • becolorful

    I agree about the twitter thing. I am one of those statistics. I signed up about a year ago, tweeted a few times, didn't get it and forgot my password. I do love facebook though. It is the one of the first things I check in the morning after e-mail, stocks, and blog feed analysis. I think facebook is definitely catching on with the 40 and 50 somethings who were reluctant to use it because they thought they were too old.