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Samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 – Add-On for Firefox Makes Browsing a Breeze

samfind Bookmarks Bar

Samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 is the first full-featured, customizable web navigation toolbar supporting 50+ email, social network, search, blogs, banking, music websites/services. Samfind built for those who are on the internet everyday, who visit the same websites over and over again to make them handy to visit, handy to search, and handy to organize.

samfind, a Los Angeles based developer of add-ons for Firefox, released samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0, a slicker, easier-to-use, and more efficient version of its popular free bookmarks organizer.

According to samfind’s CEO, Sam Deskin, “samfind Bookmarks Bar picks up where Firefox’s Bookmarks Toolbar leaves off. With our free add-on you have access to social, search, and RSS feeds of your favorite websites. You can have literally hundreds of your favorite websites organized on your bar, get to them quickly, search using each website’s own search engine, read their RSS feeds, and even interact meaningfully with social websites like Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Basically, you can access many more sites and services in the same amount of space as Firefox’s regular bookmarks toolbar.”

samfind Bookmarks Bar

New features of samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 include a central customization panel, a sidebar-based hot-key system, a drag-and-drop easy-add functionality and more polished and functional access to social features and RSS feeds.

Samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 has been reviewed by (AMO), the official site for add-ons for Mozilla applications and is now available in Firefox’s public add-on library.

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