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10 Reasons Why Leap Frog’s Competition


A next generation internet tool, combines the best of top social networking sites with new organizational, e-commerce, and promotional tools that will change the way people connect, communicate, and organize their social and professional lives.

Combining the best attributes of current popular social networking sites, Vreebit allows for securely sharing documents and photos, links, and status updates, while letting people create, organize and promote events. Vreebit members can maintain contact lists, list open positions, post resumes and look for a job, or network for sales leads.

1. Everything in one centralized place. No need for tab browsing here! Manage everything in one place, your calendar, tasks, discussions, website, email contacts, and generally your life. Who doesn’t love simplicity?

2. VreeBees. rewards you for interacting with the site with VreeBees their virtual currency. Earn VreeBees by referring your friends, clicking on advertisements and providing or obtaining expert advice.

3. The Vreemarket. Like Amazon, only better!

4. Photo and Document Security. No more worries about those embarrassing party photos being seen by your boss as Vreebit’s patent-pending security technology allows users to determine exactly who sees what.

5. Robust Discussions. Happy that Rio got the Olympic bid? Concerns over H1N1? Voice your opinion on an existing discussion board or start your own discussion.

6. Advertise yourself or your business. Raise funds for your organization, increase awareness of your business and exchange VreeBees for ad space.

7. Robust Job boards. Coming Soon. Unemployed? Post your resume and search for jobs on the site.

8. Create your own personalized website, for free. Talk about you, your dog, your hobbies, or just post your favorite quotes from Office Space; it’s your website, do as you feel!

9. Manage Groups. Plan and schedule events, start discussions with group members, organize everything from carpools and happy hours to non-profit committees.

10. The Vreebit frog is way cuter than the Geico gecko.

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