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Seesmic for Blackberry – Google Map, Picture Preview and ReTweet


Experience Twitter on your Blackberry with searches, lists, retweets, picture preview, Google maps geo-location and other powerful features. Point your blackberry to to get Seesmic within minutes.

Dedicated to listening to our community of users, we are happy to share that we have incorporated a set of features in the newest version of our Blackberry application that will make your Twitter experience easier and helpful. Thanks to our user’s feedback and suggestions, we updated Seesmic for Blackberry with the following features:

ReTweets and Quote function
Seesmic for Blackberry has the new Twitter Retweet (RT) function, which allows you to officially RT a message. Apart from ReTweeting and viewing RTs in your timeline, you can see who ReTweeted you, which RTs you have done and which RTs were sent to you. If you also want to retweet, but also maintain the original message to edit, you can opt for the Quote feature, which integrates the quoted user at the end of the tweet.

ReTweets function

Picture Preview
We are excited to share that you can now see picture previews for image services within your timeline. Also, the same feature is included in the actual tweet Details view.

Google Map Location
Seesmic for BlackBerry users will now be able to see a detailed Google Map Location in their tweets. This feature reads the location as set in Twitter Geo location. Users can just go to tweet details and a precise Google Map of the place it was sent from, will appear.

Google Map Location

BIS-B Connection
Seesmic BlackBerry now becomes available to all mobile users, regardless of their Internet connection. Users who are using BIS-B mobile Internet network, will now be able to do so and enjoy Seesmic’s feature.

These integrated updates of Seesmic for BlackBerry maintain the appeal and functionality of the application. With your help and support, we willl continue to add features and improvements to make Seesmic the best application for mobile, web and desktop!

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