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DISH Network Introduces TV Everywhere

Dish Network

DISH Network, America’s fastest growing satellite TV provider, introduced TV Everywhere – a unique suite of integrated products designed to maximize the convenience and ease of watching TV anytime and anywhere.

TV Everywhere from DISH Network provides customers with access to all their live and recorded programming on a laptop, mobile device, or anywhere in the home wirelessly. Key components of TV Everywhere include the TV Everywhere Adapter; the award-winning ViP 922; the new DISH Network WiFi HD Monitor; and the newly-released DISH Remote Access App.

Add TV Everywhere with the TV Everywhere Adapter – the World’s Smallest Slingbox

Developed in partnership with EchoStar Technologies and its affiliate Sling Media, Inc., the TV Everywhere Adapter adds Slingbox technology to existing DISH Network HD DVR receivers such as the ViP 722k. The TV Everywhere Adapter is a sleek, ultra-slim device that easily connects to compatible set-top boxes via a single USB cable, removing the need for additional wires or a separate power supply. Once activated, the TV Everywhere Adapter provides DISH Network customers with the freedom to watch their favorite dish TV channels anytime and anywhere on laptops and mobile phones.

Watch Your TV Everywhere with the Award-Winning ViP 922

DISH Network’s award-winning HD DuoDVR ViP 922 with TV Everywhere, the world’s only DVR with built-in Slingbox technology, allows customers to watch and control their favorite programs anytime and anywhere on their laptop or mobile device. The ViP 922 features a 1 TB hard drive with up to 1,000 hours of recording time – the largest hard drive in the industry.

HD DuoDVR ViP 922

Enjoy TV Everywhere in Your Home with the DISH Network WiFi Monitor

The DISH Network WiFi Monitor, a lightweight, portable, high-definition monitor developed by Sling Media, is the only free-standing monitor available today that can wirelessly transmit an HD video signal from a set-top box to anywhere in the home via a WiFi network. Designed as a companion product to the TV Everywhere Adapter and the ViP 922, the WiFi Monitor offers a 16 x 9 widescreen format that displays 720p HD quality and controls all features of a connected DISH Network HD DVR receiver, including viewing live TV as well as viewing and managing DVR recordings.

Sling Monitor

Manage Your TV Everywhere with the DISH Remote Access Mobile App

DISH Network continues to lead the industry in offering fully-featured remote DVR scheduling technology. The DISH Remote Access App, compatible with most SD and HD DISH DVR receivers, is the first and only app that offers satellite TV customers complete control of their TV everywhere. Users can set and delete timers on multiple receivers; browse and search nine days of shows; and manage their DVR library by setting recording priorities, resolving recording conflicts and deleting programs they have already watched. An added bonus, the DISH Remote Access App also includes a unique feature that transforms an iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for televisions connected to compatible DISH Network receivers. Customers without an iPhone or iPod touch can still enjoy all DISH Remote Access benefits through the web browser on their PC or mobile device.

The DISH Remote Access App is now available for free for both the iPhone and iPod touch and can be downloaded from the App Store. DISH Network expects to launch the TV Everywhere Adapter, the ViP 922 and the WiFi Monitor in the second quarter of 2010.

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  • Dish network really introduced Tv Network to every one but now it is not in use as it was…

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  • This is awesome news for most consumers! Dish Network has really came along ways, glad to be part of their program.

  • Brooklyn Bridges

    I love, Love, LOVE the Sling Adapter from DISH Network. It has many features like being able to log into my account and watching my recordings, no matter where I'm at! I also have the app on my iPhone so I can watch live TV and because I do work at DISH, I get to try the newest products as soon as they hit the market! If you don't have it, I recommend you get it!


  • Hi my name is Jason I am a dish network employee, and I use the DRA app and TV everywhere feature on my iphone through my 922 DVR receiver. I am always on the run it seems but it is nice to sit down in the cafeteria or doctors office and still be able to keep up on the shows that I like to watch. I would definitely recommend the TV everywhere to anyone who has a busy life and loves to watch tv.

  • darebliss

    It is fascinates that we would enjoy TV every where. As we know that it is possible to enjoy TV everywhere via Ethernet cable. Great to read about Dish network which familiar among all users.