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100 Best RSS Feeds to Follow Engineering News

RSS Feeds to Follow Engineering News

you’re busy with college courses, work, family and a personal life, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news in your field of expertise. These blogs can help make it a little easier, however, providing easily accessible knowledge about a wide range of engineering specialties. Add a few to your RSS feed and you’ll stay in the know, no matter how busy your life might get.


These feeds provide general engineering news.

  1. Engineering News: This site is one of the best places to get engineering news with an international scope.
  2. ENR: Check out this feed from Engineering News Record to learn all about the field of engineering.
  3. Science Daily Engineering News: This Science Daily feed publishes interesting articles about engineering.
  4. Global Spec Engineering News: Stay up-to-date with engineering through the general or specific feeds offered on this site.
  5. SciCentral Engineering News: You’ll want to keep up with this feed full of engineering news.
  6. Engineer Live: You’ll find engineering news from both Europe and America on this feed.
  7. PhysOrg Engineering: Sign up for this feed to get news on engineering technology and engineering science as well as computer, civil, chemical, aerospace and environmental engineering.
  8. CR4: Through this feed, you’ll get access to interesting articles you can share and discuss.
  9. Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog: With this engineering feed, you’ll get the best engineering news from the web brought to you.
  10. Engineering Exchange: This feed collects the latest blog posts from engineers in a wide range of fields who have chosen to connect on this social network.
  11. ZenStorming: If innovation is something that interests you, then you’ll appreciate the updates on this blog.
  12. Engineering TV: Watch informative videos on a range of topics through this site.
  13. Multiple authors contribute to the news and information found in this feed.
  14. Engineering &…: This blog covers developments in engineering and relates them to the larger world around us.
  15. Scientists and Engineers for America: Through this feed, you’ll get news about the intersection of engineering and science with politics.

Materials Science

Check out these feeds to learn about the latest and greatest materials being developed.

  1. Materials Science and Engineering Defined: James Alexander, a professional materials engineering and metallurgist, shares his expertise on this blog.
  2. Engineering Materials: This Design News blog will help you stay on top of what new materials are being developed for use in building and other applications.
  3. Accelrys Blog: Follow this company’s feed to learn about their research into various chemicals and materials.
  4. OSU Materials: On this blog you can learn what college students at OSU’s Materials Science program are doing.
  5. Engineering World: Check out this feed for information on a materials science company based out of India, as well as news articles of interest.
  6. Materials Science News: This Science Daily blog is a great place to find out more about materials science news.
  7. Materials Today: From nano structures to macro structures, you’ll learn about all kinds of materials on this blog.
  8. MIT DMSE: Want to know what’s going on at MIT? Simply follow this feed to find out more about their Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
  9. Materials Research Society: This blog offers you the best, and often academic, news about materials science.
  10. Polymer FEM: Study up on polymer-based research via this feed.


Study ways that you can make engineering greener and more sustainable through these blogs.

  1. Environmental Engineering Blog: Get down to the basics of environmental engineering news through this site.
  2. Green Building Advisor: You’ll find all kinds of green building blogs to follow on this site.
  3. Green Engineering: Keep up with green engineering topics through this blog.
  4. The Green Technology Weblog: On this blog you’ll get access to a wealth of articles on green tech.
  5. Building Learn more about what it takes to build sustainably on this feed.
  6. Green Architecture and Building Report: Sign up for this feed to stay informed about the latest green builds.
  7. Green Building Elements: Learn what construction materials builders can implement to make their buildings greener here.
  8. Sustainable Engineering: Follow this feed to get a leg up on your sustainable engineering knowledge.
  9. Smart Grid News: This blog touches on a number of green and sustainable issues in engineering and building.
  10. MIT CEE Blogs: This site is home to numerous MIT student blogs you can follow to learn about their research and experiences.
  11. Urban Workbench: Check out this popular blog for the latest sustainable design news.


Use these blogs to learn more about engineering buildings and safe structures.

  1. Structural Engineering and Design: Sign up for this feed to read great news on the field.
  2. A Place of Sense: On this site, this blogger shares his ideas for using good structural and civil engineering to create more sustainable communities.
  3. Structural Engineering Consultants London: Here you can read about this firm’s take on structural engineering issues.
  4. Structural Steel Detailing: Learn more about what steel detailing means from this feed.
  5. Architecture and Morality: If you’re more interested in the architectural elements of structural engineering, then check out this feed.
  6. Construction English: Follow this feed to read news and pointers about better construction, building and engineering practices.


On these feeds you’ll find all the latest news about civil engineering.

  1. CE News: If you’re looking to keep up with civil engineering news, this site is a great choice.
  2. Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure: This feed will teach you about the help the current infrastructure of the U.S. needs.
  3. Science Daily Civil Engineering News: Find all kinds of interesting civil engineering news items on this feed.
  4. Civil Engineer Expert: Read about the latest advances in civil engineering through this blog.
  5. The Constructor: On this site you’ll find all kinds of posts on news and information relevant to civil engineers.
  6. Civil Engineer Blog: This feed is a great place to look for green ideas for civil engineering.
  7. Civil Engineering Central: You’ll find great articles and news reports from experts in the field on this blog.
  8. Civil Engineering Community: Stay current with the civil engineering industry through this blog.
  9. Civil Craft Structures: This site is a fun place to learn about some of the greatest buildings ever constructed as well as important civil engineering issues.
  10. The Green Civil Engineer: This blog focuses on green designs and concepts when it comes to building.
  11. Our Failing Infrastructure: The American Society of Civil Engineers maintains this blog on the much-needed improvements our infrastructure will require.
  12. i engineer. do you?: Follow this New Zealand based blog for news and thoughts on civil engineering.
  13. Mike Roselli: This blogger shares his personal experience as a civil engineer on this site.
  14. Civil Engineer Site: Designed with civil engineers in mind, this site is full of interesting news about the field.


Through these blogs you can study the latest chemicals and studies to emerge.

  1. C&EN: Find a great collection of chemical and engineering news here.
  2. Chemical Engineering: Chemical engineers will find the news they’re looking for on this feed.
  3. CENtral Science: With posts on clean tech, safety, engineering, news and more this site is a great resource for chemical engineering.
  4. Chemistry World: Keep up with everything going on in chemistry through the posts on this blog.
  5. Chemical Engineering World: Get great information on the field via this blog’s feed.
  6. ChemPro: Chemical Process Engineering is the focus on the news and articles presented here.
  7. Chemical E World: On this site you’ll find a number of useful resources on chemical engineering.
  8. Chemical Engineering News: Follow the latest information in the chemical engineering field through this site.
  9. Chemical Engineering Net 2.0: Find all the latest and greatest news about the field through this popular site.
  10. ChEngineer Space: Using this feed, you can find loads of helpful information on being a better chemical engineer.


Learn ways to make industries run more smoothly using the knowledge provided in these feeds.

  1. Industrial PR: On this site, you’ll find news for industrial, manufacturing and engineering professionals.
  2. IIE Blogs: The Global Association of Productivity and Efficiency Professionals lets you know what’s going on in the field through this feed.
  3. ISOR Tools: Get ideas on maximizing productivity in any kind of operation here.
  4. An IE in IT: This blogger shows how industrial engineering ideas can have a big impact in the IT world.
  5. Greene Piece: Check out this feed to learn more about the idea of lean and industrial engineering at large.
  6. Inside IIE: This blogger focuses on sharing stories about redesigning supply chains and manufacturing to save money and time.

Electronics and Tech

These blog feeds focus on news related to the latest technology and components.

  1. EEDigest: Follow this blog to get updates on everything going on with electronics engineering.
  2. EE Times: There are a few different feeds you can follow on this site to learn more about the world of electrical engineering.
  3. Electronics Engineering Video Podcast: Check up on this feed regularly to watch videos all about the field.
  4. Screaming Circuits: Those interested in circuit and chip design will find the news on this site particularly interesting.
  5. Flying Flux: This engineer shares his work and professional experience working in circuitry and component design on this blog.
  6. Shtetl-Optimized: This blogger works at MIT and shares his research into computer science here.
  7. Wireless Sensor Networks Blog: Learn more about what it takes to set up these networks and their equipment through this feed.


On these feeds, you’ll see great information about engineering everything from bolts to large-scale machines.

  1. Control Engineering: Those who’d like to learn more about machine control and mechanical engineering should check out this feed.
  2. iMechanica: Often rated as one of the best engineering blogs, this site is full of great information on mechanical engineering and more.
  3. Planetary Gear: This CNET blog focuses on reminding readers of the importance of the nuts and bolts of the world, and the engineers who design them.
  4. Bright Hub Mechanical Engineering: Sign up for this RSS to get tidbits about mechanical engineering right to your computer.
  5. Engineering Cases: This blog presents cases where there was an engineering problem, and a smart engineer like yourself discovered a solution.


Read through these feeds to learn about new developments in energy design.

  1. SOLAR: Follow this feed to learn more about new developments in solar technology.
  2. Energy Engineering Blog: Here you can stay in the loop on a wide range of energy engineering issues.
  3. Rethink Energy and Design: Learn ways to think in a greener way about the way we engineer our structures from this feed.
  4. Energy Outlook: Keep up with this feed to learn what the future of energy will look like.
  5. The Energy Collective: This site is a great place to find news updates about the latest energy developments.
  6. Institute for Energy Research: Use this organization’s blog to keep up with new, innovative and exciting research into energy.
  7. NEI Nuclear Energy Notes: If you’d like to learn more about the potential for nuclear energy, this site can be a good choice.


These engineering feeds cover a wide range of topics.

  1. GeoPrac: This blog picks up at the intersection of geology and engineering.
  2. CAD Panacea: If you have to use CAD for work, you may want to follow this blog for tips and news on the program.
  3. Civil3d: Try out this feed if you’re interested in learning more about the Civil3D software.
  4. Engineering Education: This feed will keep you informed about the state of science and engineering education in schools and colleges across the nation.
  5. Graduating Engineer: If you’re in school for engineering right now, you’ll appreciate this feed designed to help students learn more about engineering careers.
  6. Paving the Way: On this blog, you’ll read about civil engineering issues, especially those related to transportation.
  7. Engineering Ethics: Learn more about pertinent ethical issues related to engineering by following this blog.
  8. Pt. Cipta Karya: Follow this company to learn about their innovations in packaging.
  9. Engineering Library Blog: Find out what the latest publications about engineering are saying through this feed.

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