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Communication Today is Not Simply About Phone Calls


As a pioneer of the Mobile VoIP front we had a few questions come in recently and feel that now would be a good time to share Nimbuzz’s thoughts about the current state of Mobile VOIP in light of all the noise lately.

What is Mobile VOIP and where is it going?

It all started on the PC when people could make calls over the Internet (VoIP). Today, because of mobile Internet accessibility, people can make calls over the Internet from their mobile phones (mobile VoIP), instead of via your mobile operator’s network.

To Nimbuzz, Mobile VOIP is just a piece of the puzzle, which makes up the future of mobile communications. The future of mobile communications is a unified communications platform that gives users the freedom to have free and mobile calls, IM and all your friends as well as social networks in one place. And that means from any provider, anywhere in the world. This puts the user in charge of how they connect and communicate.

Nimbuzz, for example, is about being more mobile. You can still talk with your friends and family over Skype via Nimbuzz. Our relationship with Skype remains the same and we continue to let people talk over Skype or any other instant messaging or social network, which ever they choose.

Openness, choice and creating next generation mobile communications :

Mobile VoIP is the start of something much bigger in mobile communications – and openness and choice are key components of this. Nimbuzz sees mobile VoIP as an entry vehicle to create the next generation of mobile communications. Delivering a unified communications solution to the mass market through the convergence of all the ways that users communicate today – chat/IM, social and online communities, mobile voice and SMS/text – for free.

They currently see companies battling for market share around features, but the future of mobile VOIP is not about SDKs, unlimited data plans, video or other individual features. It’s about building Value Added Services (VAS) around the user’s contacts or address book. Mobile VoIP is a true VAS. Nimbuzz believes in a global mobile community across all platforms, communities, devices and operators that gives users the ability to choose how they communicate. Calls will be free. Revenue will be generated from enriched mobile communications for all industry players, including users and operators. Simply put, it will become as ubiquitous as talking face-to-face at the same cost, free.


  • 22 million users, with 55,000 new users a day worldwide.
  • Users in over 200 countries with extreme VoIP growth in the Middle East
  • 1.8 million VoIP calls per day on the Nimbuzz platform, over 500 million per year
  • Available on over 2000 mobile phones on 8 operating systems – Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME (Java), web.
  • Operators include: Google/Gizmo5, Vyke, DoCoMo, Skype, Virgin Mobile, Telkomsel, Aircell, IPS, GulfSIP, Spigate, ActionVoIP, TPad, Sipkom, Mweb, Voipax, Xeloq and more.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Nimbuzz approach to next generation mobile communications and the role of mobile VoIP. Happy to provide more detailed answers.

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