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InnovaGeek – Links Technology for Sale with Industry Over Web & iPhone


InnovaGeek is a new service designed to connect technology owners with key players in innovation from research labs, industrial and technological companies.

This new web-based service — also designed as an iPhone app – focus on technology presentations.

InnovaGeek iPhone App

Free spaces are offered to technology owners so that they can describe their innovations with pictures, internet links and other rich media. Owners can then be contacted by investors or distributors, find licensors for their patents or technological partners for co-development.

Since InnovaGeek does not act as an intermediate for connection (contact between innovators and commercial contacts is an open service), it is a beneficial platform for innovators worldwide to use this service and increase the awareness of their innovations.

Within this virtual showcase of technology, listed innovations can be easily searched using keywords or browsing possible usages of the innovation. The iPhone App also features a “push-alert tool” that can be set to match user interests. Interestingly, innovation of interest can be bookmarked and shared by email or on various social networks.

InnovaGeek Connect Technology Oners

This site has clean, crisp look to it. InnovaGeek provides a simple and user friendly experience for those who are concerned with promoting and trade technology.

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