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Top 101 Blogs for Work-at-Home Moms

Work at Home Moms

The mother of the past may have stayed home and had two tasks – raising children and tending to the house. With the boom of the internet, there are various work-at-home options for moms. Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the household funds or simply sock money away for a rainy day (or your children’s education or your own retirement).

The great thing about these jobs are they’re adaptable. Women who thrived in other industries can take those skills and utilize them for work-at-home careers as a consultant or freelancer.

Top Blogs for Work-at-Home Moms (WAHMS ) to Find Work

If you are looking to build a career as a Work-at-Home Moms, be prepared to do the dirty work. Like conventional job hunting, finding work as a stay-at-home mom requires pounding the virtual pavement online to find a gig that suits your niche and expertise.

1. WAHM Bath Body : Organic and all-natural beauty products are high on the radar. Find easy recipes to whip up and start your business selling to friends and local establishments.

2. Direct Sales Helpers : If you are already working direct sales such as selling Avon or Mary Kay, this site offers additional tools for $20 and includes directions on how to run a website and host great parties.

3. The WAHM Blog : This blog has everything you need to know to get started as a WAHM. Whether you are interested in starting a blog or looking to put your skills to use for someone else, reading and learning about who needs you is crucial to your earning potential.

4. WAHM Business Opportunity : Listings for several types of jobs including direct sales and mystery shoppers.

5. WAHM Job Listings : This site has a database where you can search for employers offering WAH positions by state.

6. iFreelance : Aimed at freelancers, this site has a bevy of jobs, primarily for creative types who have experience in digital or graphic design.

7. WAHM Ideas Blog : If you don’t know what type of job you can have as a WAHM, check out these posts from real women who’ve turned various passions into at-home jobs.

8. Sparkplugging : This site gives tons of tips and ideas for getting started in various businesses online.

9. WAHM Talk Radio : This blog posts job listings, but also offers tips for the WAHM.

10. Freelance Job Openings : If you have graphic design, writing or blogging skills, check out this site for daily freelance job listings.

11. Work at Home Mom 24/7 : Need an idea for starting a home business? This blog gives you the skinny on being a virtual assistant or improving your home party sales for companies like Mary Kay or Tupperware.

12. Pink Renegade : This site is all about improving direct sales with home parties. Whether you’re dabbled in direct sales or are looking to join a major company as a rep, there are tips on this site for finding the right fit for you.

13. WAHM Buds – Jobs : Most jobs posted on this site revolve around data entry.

14. Freelance Tips : This site posts daily job listings and the blogger is thorough enough to go through them so you aren’t stuck with a scam or startup business that has no clue what they’re looking for.

15. Freelance Writing Gigs : The founder of this informative blog is a WAHM who now runs this successful blog that shows others how to work from home.

16. FlexJobs : If you’re afraid you can’t navigate the world wide web to find a WAH job, consider going with a paid service such as FlexJobs. For $14.95/months or $49.95/year, you’ll have access to thousands of work at home jobs so you don’t sort through scams.

17. Being a Work at Home Mom is a 24/7 Job : This blogger doesn’t just tell you about being a WAHM, but she also offers advice for landing a WAH job whether it’s in advertising or taking surveys.

18. My WAHM : The writer of this blog also pens Best Work-at-Home Tool Kit, showing parents they can work from home at several types of jobs. This is her personal blog with first-hand accounts of her experiences working with various online companies.

19. Best Work-at-Home Tool Kit : This WAHM helps other WAHMS or WAHM wannbes find their niche in the vague world that is the internet. Read this blog to better understand the simple business that you can start in your home today to start earning.

20. Craigslist : While there are scams on Cragislist, there are also many legit job opportunities. Take advantage of small businesses who need someone for a big project or long term gig.

21. Real Home Employment Forum : Besides an active community that the beginner WAHM can learn from, several employers flock to this forum to post job listings.

22. Serious Home Based Business : This site gets you moving in the right direction to find work from home. It also reviews WAH opportunities and points out the red flags of scammers.

23. Work at Home Mom Revolution : Along with her tips for WAHMS, this blogger posts job opportunities and usually gives a thorough description of the gig so you know what to expect.

24. Google Jobs : Google often seeks WAH employees for various tasks like customer support. There are several opportunities for those who speak a foreign language.

25. Work at Home Careers : Find job listings for data entry workers and more.

Top Blogs for WAHMS to Learn About Online Earning Potential

Maybe you’re a mom who’s been out of the work force for the past 10 years. Things have changed drastically and it’s imperative you understand tools like the internet, social networking and ad revenue to bring in money on your own terms.

26. Mom Works at Home : Find out the different types of jobs a WAHM can have (dads are invited to read too!).

27. WAHM Break Cafe : For the WAHM looking to up her game, this site offers tips like a lesson social networking business etiquette.

28. Profitable Mommy Blogging : Sure everyone wants to work from home, but the truth is you need a skill to sell if you aren’t going to set up your own business. This site points you in the direction of resources that can teach you (or help you teach yourself) how to get started.

29. Work at Home Scam Free : If you’re at the starting point of your WAH career, check out this site for tons of helpful advice on getting started and finding your niche.

30. Altitude Branding : If you are selling a service as a WAHM such as design, social networking or writing, you need to brand yourself. Learn how at this jam-packed blog.

31. Copyblogger : One of the major ways to make money as a WAHM is by writing copy. The market is rich with opportunity and this blog will show you how to become apart of it.

32. Daily Writing Tips : Another way to make money online? Freelance writing of any sort. Daily Writing Tips gives you the rundown with Freelance Writing 101 to push you in the right direction.

33. Remarkablogger : The blog networks for WAHMS are far and wide. Learn how to set up a blog and make money from it at this site. There’s also books for sale on the subject for those in need of hardcopy literature on the subject.

34. Pro Copy Tips : Improve your copy writing skills and get a feel for what the market is looking for at this fantastic blog.

35. About Home Business : This British blogger reminisces of his life in the UK and reflects on her new life since becoming a U.S. citizen.

36. The WAHM Blog : The WAHM Blog lists jobs and also offers web networking tips, which are crucial to be a successful WAHM if you’re in business for yourself.

37. Women’s Day – How to Make Money at Home : Maybe you don’t have a skill to bring to online media, but want to start making money from home ASAP. This article explains other ways to make money at home.

38. Success with Auctions : One major way to earn funds as a WAHM is to run auctions on various third party host sites. Learn the facts here.

39. MLM Business Opportunity Blog : Learn of different businesses that WAHMS are running and get tips on handling clients and networking.

40. At Home Mom Blog : This WAHM explains different jobs for WAHMS, even if you are new to the field. She tells you how to start instant home businesses that can start earning you cash in days.

41. Day Job Nuker : This site looks to “nuke” your day job, giving the WAHM options for earning money by working at home.

42. Freelance Folder : Learn how to market yourself as a freelancer, as well as set rates, handle clients and manage your time wisely.

43. iDesign Studios : This blogger talks about how to design sites and improve productivity as a web designer.

44. Breaking Free : If you want to start an at-home business, but aren’t sure where to start, this blog can jumpstart your creative juices and get realistic ideas flowing.

45. oDesk – Jobs : Legit employers flock to oDesk to post jobs for web developers, graphic designers and freelance writers.

46. Problogger : This popular blog shows you how to do just that – become a blogger. Multiple daily posts, job listings and an active community make the blog a pleasure to read and learn from.

47. WAHM Cart : If you have an online store, there’s a right and wrong way to manage the way customers make a purchase. This site is aimed at WAHMS, providing simple, affordable online store solutions.

48. Residual Income Web : There are ways to earn online that will perpetually put money in your bank account. This site discusses those opportunities.

49. Guerilla Freelancing : For the WAHM just getting her feet wet in the world of freelancing, this site provides a crash course in learning how to make money online.

50. Get Paid to Write Online : Many WAHMS started working at home as writers, whether it’s blogging for themselves or creating copy for others. For those with no writing experience, this site explains the basics of how to get started.

Top Blogs for WAHM Support

Maybe you need a good laugh or others who WAH to vent to when the going gets tough. Check out these blogs and forums for comic relief and help for getting through the WAH work week.

51. WAHM Forum : Stacked with forums for those in marketing, writing or sales, this message board has a lot of experience stories and can lend a listening ear.

52. A Work at Home Mom’s Blog : This WAHM posts almost daily and talks about maximizing her time for work and family.

53. Frugal WAHM : No matter what your career or work place, every mom loves to save money. The Frugal WAHM has financial tips that will make your transition to being a WAHM a seamless one.

54. Mom State of Mind : A work-at-home mom writes this witty blog, which gives

55. FreelanceSwitch Forums : From where to find free images to how to handle a difficult client, this forum is full of freelancers with answers.

56. WAHM 2 WAHM Forum : Here, WAHMS network, post job openings and chat about keeping up with the house, kids and work.

Tips for WAHMS

As a work at home mom, you need to learn the ins-and-outs of the business. Many jobs will be freelance, so it’s essential you put away money for retirement on your own, have health insurance and understand how to file your taxes. These sites will aide you in learning tips and tricks for the WAHM.

57. WAHM : WAHM serves as an online magazine for helping WAHMS learn more about utilizing their time and financial planning for the future.

58. The Art of Telecommuting : This writer shares her WAHM tips after a decade of telecommuting.

59. WAHM Blog : From how to make the transition to being a WAHM to acquiring certificates for certain at-home positions such as medical billing.

60. Kelly McCausey : Written by a successful WAHM who is now sharing her tips of the trade. An essential read for moms who are getting started or seasons vets of the WAH force.

61. Work It Mom : For tips from applying yourself to landing a WAH job to quick dinner recipes for the evenings you’re battling a heavy workload.

62. WAHM Handling Business Family : While this blogger doesn’t update quite as often anymore, her blog is chock full of useful tips for the WAHM getting started on her own business, especially if it involves crafting..

63. Sharp Mom : See how this mommy blogger has turned her blog into income and read about the tips she has to offer along the way..

64. Fraud Aid : In the event you get caught working for an operation that’s less-than-scrupulous, Fraud Aid offers tips on how to protect your identity when you think vital information has fallen into the wrong hands.

65. Crunchy Business : This pregnant blogger has a savvy knack for working at home and is more than happy to share her journey with you. From review freelance sites like Demand Studios to posting quick recipes, Crunchy Business is worth checking out..

66. WAHM Homeschooling : If you’re thinking of being a WAHM and homeschooling your kids, you’ll need everything this blog has to offer on how to spend quality time with family off the clock and maximizing your schedule.

67. WAHM Cafe : This site shows WAHMS that working online is doable, once you learn the tools of the trade. They also feature affordable web hosting.

68. Self-Employed Blog : Once you’re down the road of working at home, this blog will guide you through financial and smart business planning.

69. Writing White Papers : If writing copy is your WAHM business, this blog will give you countless tips for getting the job done well.

70. The Writer’s Manifesto : This WAH writer gives freelance writers tips for managing clients and when to take a break to avoid writer’s burnout.

71. About Work at Home Moms : Packed with information on everything from turning your passion into a career to news from the WAHMS works force.

72. Avid Writer : This blog is ideal for freelance writers who want insight on how to generate more income and manage their career so they’re working smarter, not harder.

73. Nikki Backshall – Mumpreneurs UK : While this writer operates on the other side of the pond, she offers tons of advice for WAHMS all over the globe.

74. WAHM Articles : If you are a WAHM, you likely have to network like mad, whether it’s for your own services or product you can offer. This site has tips on that and how to keep home life blissful.

75. WAHM Network : This site aims to train and protect WAHMS. From tips to spotting a Twitter scam to tips on social media to improve your profits.

76. Tamara Wilson : This WAHM is helping others do the same. Wilson offers tips on how to know when you need me time and finding out who your target consumer is.

77. WAHM Biz Success : If you’re looking for motivation, it’s all here. This site tells you about the business of e-commerce, blogging and more.

78. WAHMy Sammy : WAHMS usually work for themselves or serve as contract employees. Because of this, it’s essential you plan for the future and this blog explains saving for retirement, emergencies and beyond.

79. Super WAHM : The blog linked to this site has helpful information on business plans for the WAHM, some of which can save money when it comes to your bottom line.

80. Thinking Home Business : When you’ve explored the best WAHM route for yourself and are ready to learn how to build a business out of your home, visit this site for tips on podcasts and constructing newsletters.

81. Undress for Success : Despite the name, this site keeps you up-to-date with telecommuting news and advancements, proving there’s a huge market for WAHMS to take advantage of.

82. The Marketing Mama : Once you’re a WAHM, you’ll want to know how to earn more money doing what you love. This site has tips to push you in the right direction.

83. Katherine Droguett’s Blog : This blog is all about marketing and networking, areas in which every WAHM needs to thrive in.

84. Top Mom Blogger : Two WAHMs write this blog, which gives you tips on generating income from blogging. Learn how to utilize Google AdSense and improve your SEO writing.

85. Blog Radio : Many moms have 20 things to juggle at once. Blogradio allows you to subscribe to the blogs that can help you learn (or the ones you visit just for fun) and then listen to the audio version while you work or clean the house.

86. 2 WAHMS : Penned by two WAHMS, this site encourages WAHMS to take the bull by the horns and get blogging. Learn how to use social networking tools like Twitter properly, so they work to your advantage without wasting time.

87. Moomette’s Magnificents Blog : For WAHMS who blog for a living, this site has the fundamental tips and instructions on how to make technology work for you.

88. Work From Home Business Blog : Get a handle for blogging at this informative blog, which can serve as a beginner’s guide to getting started in the industry and making money.

89. The Home-Based Business Blog : There’s a slue of tips at this blog for WAHMS. Find out how to stay in touch (in order to keep!) with clients and create a professional air, even when you are just starting out.

90. The WAHM Place : This site brings many of the top WAHM blogs to one convenient place with updates from around the WAHM blogosphere.

91. Twitter Moms : Once you get a blog up and running, it’s imperative you network with those in your immediate field to get the ball rolling. Twitter Moms is a network of WAHMS, many of which run sites that can teach you a lot as you learn the ropes.

92. The CEO Mama : If you’re managing a serious WAHM career with life, this blog’s for you. Includes tips on how to answer the dreaded WAHM question, “What do you do?”

93. The Work at Home Wife : Learn the value of link building, social networking and read reviews of WAH opportunities.

94. Overworked to WAHM : This mom made the transition and encourages others to do the same. This blog has tips on starting your own blog and making money from it, as well as networking 101 for WAHMS.

95. Alpha WAHM : This site gives WAHMS ideas for time management, when it’s time to outsource tasks and how to keep kids busy while you work.

96. Starting an eBay Business : For the mom who wants to make the giant auction site her trade, this site gives explanations on everything from Paypal to smart shipping options for clients.

97. Mama’s Time : Reviewing mom-friendly products is what this blogger has turned into a business and she also has a list of resources for WAHMS.

98. Liv’s WAHM Blog : The WAHM tips on this blog range from marketing your services by donating magazines to offices with a lobby .

99. Web Mums : For the WAHM getting started, this site has free information on how to make money on the web. There are paid courses, but a good dose of free classes as well.

100. Eric Sink : This software developer primarily blogs about his ventures writing software, but he also throws in a healthy mix of tips for freelancers looking to branch out on their own.

101. Business Entrepreneur Executive Training Blog : For the WAHM who wants to tackle her new business venture head-on, this blog provides tons of tips for getting your plan off the ground and aiming for success.

There are many realms in which a work at home Moms can utilize the internet and technology to bring money into the home. Like any other job, it requires savvy and a go-getter attitude that will allow a stay-at-home mom to reap the rewards of a career while juggling hockey practice and dance lessons for her kids.

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