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Quote Roller – Create, Track and Send Proposals Online

Quote Roller

It is not always easy and fast to create a good business proposal. Cloud-based software, Quote Roller service can definitely simplify your life and do some work instead of you. It is an online application which revolutionizes all your work on creating proposals, contracts and agreements and helps freelancers and companies maintain their own system of interaction with a client.

This tool can be a great asset for organizations as well as individuals in doing their business. Using Quote Roller, you will be able to interact with your clients online and engage all team members who are part of your project simultaneously. Also, an electronic signature enables your client to sign documents in the system without printing them out which spares your work with printed materials.

Quote Roller service offers several subscription plans for you to choose from, starting from a free of charge option to 69.99 USD per month. The features you get within this amount are quite impressive and would meet the needs of a whole marketing department in a large organization.

How to Start
When completing your registration in the system, you will be asked to choose a pricing plan you prefer. You can safely go with a free option and then upgrade it to a more advanced one at any moment if you go to your profile settings.

Once successfully authenticated, the Dashboard page will open. When you log in for the first time, several tool-tips will be shown on the page. Please, see below:

Quote Roller - Dashboard

Quote Roller – Dashboard

Despite the fact, these tips are basic and might be obvious for you, they will guide you through the initial setup and configuration process.

Proposal Template
The main goal of Quote Roller application is to simplify the daily routines of yours and save time and efforts spent on creating good looking proposals. It will not make you do the same job over and over again. Therefore, every proposal starts with a template, either new or an existing one. The template itself predetermines the document’s structure and place holders for specific bits like company or project name.

Quote Roller - Proposal Template

Quote Roller – Proposal Template

It also includes the most important and rarely changing information regarding your profile and the services offered. Surely, you will not send templates to your clients until they are customized. Therefore, all your proposals will be based on a template which you will use as a background. Folks from Quote Roller have set up a user-friendly and nice-looking database of proposal templates for you that can be used and adjusted for your purposes in each and every case.

Creating your Proposal
Once you have the template ready, you can go to the next step – proposal preparation which puts you in just 5 stages away from the result:

# 1. Select your proposal template

# 2. Specify the project name and client name. This person or organization will be the proposal recipient.

# 3. Add information about your service or product.

Quote Roller - Creating your Proposal - Step 3

Quote Roller – Creating your Proposal – Step 3

# 4. Customize the text of the template to address the client requirements. Even though it will be perfectly fine to leave your general template without any changes and send it to the client as it is, it is better to add a portion of customer-related information. It will demonstrate your solid approach and commitment to your client and will show you have fully acknowledged all requests.

Customize the Text of the Template - Step 4

Customize the Text of the Template – Step 4

# 5. You have several options while sending your proposal. You may simply download its PDF version to use outside Quote Roller but there is a great feature of the web-based delivery so your proposal can be reviewed and accepted by your clients online. The latter has more value behind itself, as it also includes tracking functionality. That means that you will always be instantly notified of any changes in the status of the proposals sent.

So, prepare a cover letter and then press Send!

The whole process starting from signing up to sending out takes approximately 15 minutes. The system itself is extremely promising. Assuming you have a properly organized collection of templates, writing a proposal could take literally a couple of minutes.

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