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BountyIt – A Competitive Way to Crowdsource for Feedback, Solutions, and Services


Ever needed feedback on something you have been working very hard on, but can only get a couple one sentence answers on forums without any well thought out constructive criticism? Ever felt nervous about receiving a service from a stranger on craigslist that can run away with your project at anytime? Ever wanted a fun way to make some cash on the side by effectively utilizing your knowledge and skills on various tasks? Well here it is. is a recently launched crowdsourcing platform designed for anybody to use. People can compete for bounties, whether it is giving feedback, solving problems, or performing a service.

The feedback portion includes an incentivized built in system for crowdsourcing constructive criticism or solutions to problems effectively. The poster offers a bounty upfront and can disperse it according to who they feel gave the best response.

For example: If someone posts a bounty for $10 asking how they can better manipulate their product or service or do some research on a particular subject, and thirty people answer, but five people do a much better job, they could give all $10 to the top response, or $2 to each of the top five depending on what they feel is most fair.

Providing an incentive has inspired competition among the people responding, and therefore will produce higher quality responses with more detail and research.

MyBounty Page

MyBounty Page

Feedback Bounty Page

Feedback Bounty Page

There is also an easy to use freelance service section. People compete for the service bounties by describing why they would be fit for the job, as well as providing a profile with their resume, previous ratings, portfolio etc. Once a poster finds the candidate they feel is best fit for the job, the two users agree to either carry out the service simply from A to B, or use a built in milestone management system for larger projects, where a user can put up specific terms, time frame, and estimated cost.

The administrators act as an unbiased third party and hold the money until the project or a particular milestone is signaled as complete by both parties. In the case of a misunderstanding between two users during the service process, the administrators have the ability to monitor and act accordingly based on contract terms agreed upon by both users. All this is done in order to minimize risk for both parties which is very abundant when receiving or perform services over the internet.

BountyIt provides an effective, safe, competitive and unique place that people can turn to for feedback or services they want completed. Try it out today!

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