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8 Tips for Setting Up Your Google+ Business Page

Google+ Business Page

Social networking sites are ingrained into the culture of the internet community and they become more popular every day. As such, it is an important step for each business, regardless of its industry, to have a strong social networking presence. These sites not only help businesses reach out to current and future customers, but they also represent an unrivaled opportunity to get the message out about your company for free.

Google+ is the latest social networking platform and, thanks to the power of the Google name, it is becoming quite popular. If you don’t have a Google+ page for your business, that’s something that you’ll want to rectify today.

Read on for some tips on how to get the most out of a professional Google+ page.

  1. The Basics
    Google+ requires you to have a personal page before you can start a business page, so make sure that the person who sets up the professional page is the same person who will be maintaining it. Once the personal page is created, click on “page creation,” select the appropriate category for your business and then fill in all of the applicable basic information fields.
  2. Tagline
    Your new Google+ business page provides you with a ten word tagline. This brief summary about your business will act as an introduction for those who are unfamiliar with your company. Do not skip this step and do not take it lightly. It has been proven that most people only skim websites, so be sure to write a concise but engaging tagline.
  3. Photos
    Select photos that best represent your company or brand and upload them to the page. Consider using your company logo for the profile picture, as this provides instant recognition for your current customers. Keep in mind, however, that there are size restrictions placed on Google+ profile pictures. If necessary, create a re-sized version of your logo that will fit properly into the space provided.
  4. Your Timeline
    Posting updates relating to your business is a must, but be cautious about over doing it. If you have several things to say in a single day, it’s best to space them out instead of posting them all at once.

    There are 2 reasons for this; first, if you post multiple updates at once it may be viewed as an annoyance by your followers. Secondly, it is important to post things at various times throughout the day to catch the eye of as many different people as possible.

  5. Interaction Is Key
    If you’re going to have a profile on a social networking site, you must pay attention to the word social. When customers leave comments, especially questions, it is important to answer them in a timely fashion. Not doing so may leave customers feeling frustrated and this is counterproductive to the entire point of having a social networking presence.
  6. Fresh Content
    Although some cross over of content between other social networking pages and other forms of advertising is inevitable, be sure to provide some original content on your company’s Google+ page. If your customers can find the exact same information elsewhere, then they have little to no incentive to add your Google+ page to their circle. While it may seem unnecessary to have the same people follow you on multiple sites, it’s actually one of the best referral tools available.

    For example, Person A may follow you on both Google+ and Twitter, but their friend Person B is only on Google+ and their friend Person C is only on Twitter. Because Person A follows you on Google+ and Twitter, you’re more likely to catch the attention of both Person B and Person C. If, however, you were to limit your social networking to Twitter only, you’d completely miss out on the opportunity to turn Person B into a customer.

  7. Spread The Word
    A page with only a few followers is less likely to attract new followers, so make sure that everyone in the company, and all of your family and friends, adds the Google+ page to their circle immediately.
  8. Why Google+?
    Quite simply, because it’s Google and therefore the Google+ site is certain to impact search results in the future. So even if you’re already using Facebook and Twitter, it’s definitely time to add a Google+ page to your online marketing.


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