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FantasyCourt : Are We Ready to Let Our Personal Networks Solve Our Problems?

FantasyCourt - Social JusticeEveryone does it, quietly think to yourself in the middle of a squabble… “I’m obviously right and any one of our friends would agree with me”. Well… you no longer have to keep your thoughts to yourself. With its launch this week, Toronto start-up will become the first and only social dispute resolution tool on the internet. Now you can finally see who is right AND what everyone else thinks.

FantasyCourt provides a platform for users take disputes direct to the community and have their personal networks crowdsource a resolution. This isn’t just any voting site. FantasyCourt strives to build its version of “Social Justice” by upholding its own set of community rights.

No dispute goes live to the community without both parties submitting their individual cases and voters are always visible so users can clearly see who voted on each side. Finally, participants are free to add consequence to each verdict by negotiating a challenge with their counterpart.

“Whether consciously or not, people, especially younger generations are turning to their networks for information and advice… where to go on Saturday night, what to wear, who to support…and it makes sense they turn to those same people to help resolve their dispute” said CEO, Rob Crnkovic.

FantasyCourt is paying specific attention to the college demographic and targeting that segment through a unique grassroots campaign. FC is liaising with business and technology students at universities and empowering them to build awareness in the community.

Having the Court of Public Opinion rule on your case is simple

1.  Enter in your case.
2.  Subpoena your defendant and ask them to give their side of the story – because everyone has the right to a defense!
3.  Promote your case to friends, family or the Fantasy Court Community and see what side the vote falls!!!

FantasyCourt - User Profile

FantasyCourt - Verdicts

Reed Bracken, a 3rd Year Business student at Wilfrid Laurier University is excited by the site and his role as a community manager. “Feedback has been great! I don’t think you ever have more disputes then living with a bunch of people at College. There is no end to what we can take to the court. It’s pretty compelling when the people you hang out with everyday vote out a verdict

As the social internet becomes a society in and of itself, perhaps there is need for justice within that social world. brands itself as a new breed of Justice, built for a new generation in a new world. I guess if you don’t agree … you can always ask your network what they think …

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