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Fail-Safe Christmas Gift Ideas for The Bosses: What To Give Your Boss This Holiday Season?

Fail-Safe Holiday Gift Ideas for The Bosses

Hey folks! Do you have your boss as your exchange gifts partner for the holidays this year? Are you clueless about what to give him or her? Well, help is here. Whether you have a bossy boss, or a nosy one or the one like Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”, we have just the right gift ideas for them.

While giving gifts to your boss you need to avoid a few gifts for your own good. Want to know what they are? Here we go-

  • Something too personal – apparels, flowers or self-made things a strict no-no!
  • Proactive gifts-you and your boss may not have the same sense of humor or outlook
  • Something way too expensive (this is for your own good)

Now we discuss on some of the best gifts you can give to your boss this holiday season. We categorize five gifts for each type of boss. Oh! It’s gonna be fun!

The Bossy Boss

A bossy boss is often a no-nonsense person. So while giving him some gift you need to be very cautious. Here are the top five gift ideas for him-

  • Books – preferably management related. Biographies of eminent entrepreneurs will also fit the bill.
  • Planners or Organizers
  • Pen
  • Backup batteries – he will know you appreciate his working up for long hours
  • A Card – write something meaningful and genuine. He will appreciate that.

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The ‘Work Hard and Party Harder’ Boss

These bosses are usually more fun than the previous kind. Here are some gifts you can give then.

  • Wine
  • Electric wine stopper
  • A Chartbuster CD
  • iPod or MP3 player
  • Consumable goodies like these delicious gifts (tell him you baked them)

The Friendly Boss

The easiest to please! But hey! Boss is boss- you never know with them! Here are the five gifts that are h show them how you cherish his friendship

  • A Digital Photo Frame – load a photo of him and the team
  • Something related to his hobby
  • Wine
  • Custom-made gift baskets
  • NFL tickets for the game of his favorite team – Even bosses do need some fun time!

The Gadget-Lover Boss

Thankfully you know what he likes! Here are five best gifts for them:

  • iPod or MP3 players
  • GPS System
  • Wireless Weather Forecaster
  • New iOS or Android phone
  • iPad or Kindle Fire

The Old-School Boss

This type of boss fumbles with the latest gadgets, needs help with iPad, rents DVDs and believes in old values. Here is what we suggest:

  • A Digital Photo Frame
  • Easy to use Smartphone
  • The Subscription of a Movie Rental Service
  • A Massaging Travel Pillow
  • A Card – write something meaningful and heartfelt. He will value that more than anything.

If Everything Fails

If you cannot find something helpful above, here are some fail-safe ideas. These may not make a boss feel amused, but they will not irate them either.

  • Pre-made Gift Baskets
  • Planners – New Year is just around the corner
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Corporate – looking desk accessories
  • A Card – write something you appreciate about him. It’s not much; but to a boss it means a lot.

For those who are wondering what kind of boss do I have – let me tell you I have the friendly kind (thank God for that!). What am I giving him this holiday season? Well, it’s a team effort (guys, take note, this too can be a good idea if you do not want to do it alone) – we are sending our workaholic boss on a paid week-long family vacation to the Bahamas (even the boss needs a break)!

Do you find these gift ideas for the bosses interesting and useful? Have any fail-safe idea in mind? Do let us know in the comments section. Happy Holidays!

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