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LedgerDocs Helps Small Business Owners Collaborate with Bookkeepers and Accountants


Do you need an easier and more efficient way to send important financial documents to your bookkeeper and accountant? Are you always struggling to keep track of that shoebox, never knowing if you have all the receipts and statements you need when it comes to tax time?

Let’s face it. Small business owners constantly struggle with the pain of getting their information organized while Bookkeepers and accountants often face the challenge of getting timely and up to date information from their clients.

Enter LedgerDocs, a new online document collaboration and management tool helping business owners with their bookkeepers and accountants collaborate using a simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface. Simply upload any documents or files like invoices, cheques stubs, bank statements, expense receipts to LedgerDocs and your bookkeeper and accountant can take it from there.

Files can be uploaded via the web, email, or through any smartphone. It is designed to make this process simple so you don’t have to worry about losing receipts when it comes to your monthly, quarterly, or year-end reporting.

LedgerDocs- Online Document Collaboration and Management Tool

Unlike trying to manage disorganized paper records, emails with multiple attaches, or purely online file storage systems, LedgerDocs is designed specifically for accounting documents and workflow which enables collaboration.

LedgerDocs is currently free during our beta phase. You can take the tour or sign up for free with no obligation and no credit card required.

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