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Creating the Ultimate Social Media Campaign [INFOGRAPHICS] – Step By Step Guide

Social Media Campaign

You’ve made the decision to start utilizing social media for your business. Congratulations!

But now what? Social media is more than just a few tweets and Facebook updates. It’s a long-term strategy aimed at increasing brand exposure and hopefully attracting new customers. If you go into it without a plan, chances are you will not be using the social media space to its full potential.

So how do you develop a plan as a business new to social media? Simply Business created the below interactive visualization that takes readers through each step of the social media strategy development process. It asks pointed questions, which when answered honestly can help you know where you need to improve. Each section provides information to further readings from industry leaders, so be sure to read them for more insight.

Click on the image below to launch the interactive version:

Guide to Social Media Success

Here is a recap of the most important steps outlined in the above visualization:

  1. Go into Social Media Confident
    Everyone is about to hear from you in the social space – both new and existing customers alike. Going in confident is essential to success, so before you begin make sure you and your team feel comfortable with what is ahead. Agree on a voice and ensure everyone is on the same page in order to uphold your brand.
  2. Determine What Social Media Platforms to Use
    Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…the number of platforms available is endless. Unless you have the resources to do so, do not overstretch your team and try to get on every platform. If there is one thing to remember about social media it is this: Once you are in, there’s no getting out. What will it say to your followers if you all of a sudden stop using a platform? It can tarnish your brand and hurt business so be smart about which platforms you utilize. Remember, not all of them will be valuable to your business, as every industry is different and some cater to some industries better than others.
  3. Define Goals and Set Targets
    Why are you in social media if you don’t have a plan? Each campaign should have expected deliverables outlined beforehand. Understand what social media success looking like and shoot for targets that will get you closer to the goal line.
  4. Develop a Content Strategy
    You’re in it and ready to win it. Now create a content strategy to fill your social media platform. You need to have something to say, and something your users will want to read and respond to.
  5. Monitor and Evaluate
    Getting content out there is meaningless if you aren’t measuring how successful it is! Make sure you have metrics and tools in place and be sure that you are staying on top of campaign activity to a) make sure what you are doing is working, b) know immediately if something goes wrong, and c) be able to evaluate at the completion of the project to improve your team’s future performance.

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