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6 Simple Tricks to Fuel Up Your Google+ Circle

Why my Google+ circle is not expanding as much as I expected?” – Do you often have this question in mind? Well, while there is no surefire tricks to infuse some speed to your circle like those used in Facebook and Twitter (or in Pinterest, the rising star of social media, for that matter), you can try some simple strategies that may help you to get the Google+ following you need in order to succeed.

After all, creating a new Google+ account and just filling it out will not take you anywhere (you knew this one, right?). So get ready to gear up –

  1. Sharing Circles – Google+ allows you to share circles with other Google+ users. You can add some speed to your network by simply exchanging circles with other Google+ users in your niche.  Get in touch with those users who are ahead of you in growing their Google+ networks.
  2. Share Google+ Circle

  3. Offer People Incentives for Following You –  A little incentive often does the trick on social networks. By offering quality free reports, interesting freebies, and first look at new blog posts, products or even partnerships you can incentivize the process. Offering value to your followers will take you far.
  4. Add the Honchos – Using to find Google+ users with big networks and active feeds in your domain can help you get followers in bulk. You may already know some of these hard hitters and now you need to channelize a section of their followers to your network by simply adding them to your circle. This one trick will take you to places in no time.
  5. Join the Top Circles, See What they Are Doing and Ideate – Be a part of the top ranking circles of Google+ and see what they are doing to add meat to their profiles. Some of them are so simple that it will leave you dumbfounded (c’mon! we’ve got works to do, staying dumbfounded won’t serve your purpose!)
  6. Cross Promotion to Cross the Hurdles – Using just one social network is not a wise decision – except Google+ you need to use Facebook and Twitter as well (who knows, you may meet more customers and prospects there!) and channelize your follower from these sites to your Google+ circle. Put your Google+ badge on all your websites and create an email as well as forum signature to encourage Google+ users to follow you.
  7. A Google+ PageCreate a Google+ Page and brand yourself further by using it well. These Google+ Pages help you advertise your brand and create a buzz to rope in more followers on your personal account.

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Let’s be honest! The key to growing your Google+ circles fast is in your hand. All you need is a little innovation, creativity and willingness to try new things. Faith, trust and Pixie dust have nothing to do with it.

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