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Why Would Apple Be Against a Tethering App Such as iTether?

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In November, Apple took it upon itself to remove and subsequently ban iTether from its App Store. One might think that would have deterred the program’s creators, but no way – it did not. In fact, the iTether team recently launched a new version of the controversial tethering tool. What is so interesting about this version is that it is based entirely on HTML5, which allows it to be used on iOS devices and essentially get around the ban imposed by Apple.

Where There’s a Will …

Apple has an extensive set of rules all developers must comply to in order to use its APIs and build apps for its operating system and devices. Tethering, which refers to the process of using an iPhone or similar device as a wireless hotspot, isn’t necessarily illegal, but Apple would much rather users purchase software that conforms to its rules. iTether was given the boot for bypassing the hotspot limitations of the iPhone, which steps on the toes of carriers like AT&T and Verizon.

So instead of playing the game, its developers decided to go a different route all together.

The iTether app is back, and this time, it looks like Apple is completely powerless to stop it. Thanks to the implementation of HTML5, the application is running as simple programming code through a web browser. This basically means that a user does not have to purchase a similar item from the App Store or even jailbreak their smartphone to use it as a tethering device.

iTether itself acts as the modem that allows the user’s iOS device to supply wireless access to other hardware. All a user has to do now is sign up, log into the company’s website, and start using the feature.

iTether App

Tethering the Economical Way

After getting wind that they were using tethering without paying, numerous wireless carriers, AT&T included, demanded that users pay up by sending out cease and desist letters. It is not shocking to know that users are turning to apps like iTether when seeing how expensive it is to tether devices. The actual cost depends on the carrier and the amount of data, but tethering can easily cost you an additional $20 per month, which of course, adds up to even more over the duration of the contract.

The new and improved iTether lets users avoid the expensive bill by simply paying $15, the current promotional price, per year. That price will eventually increase to $30, but either way, it translates to huge cost savings for the user.

Apple may not be able to pull the plug on the latest version of iTether, but that does not mean it is totally powerless in the matter. There is already talk of the tech giant and its wireless network partners possibly taking legal action against the makers of the app. For now, users have a cost effective way to support their tethering needs, and iTether is the answer.

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