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9SLIDES : Cloud Based Presentation Platform – Create, Deliver & Measure Presentations


There are bunch of tools like SlideShare available today which enables professionals to share their slides online, but when it comes to sharing message slides are no good. Your personality and delivery is huge part of your presentation, which you miss out when you ‘just’ share slides.

A Seattle-based startup, 9SLIDES has set out to remedy these issues, by providing an easy-to-use, self-service, cloud-based platform, for delivering complete presentation experience over the Internet. You upload slides & Speaker Video, Synchronize video with slides online and 9SLIDES makes it ready for millions of popular devices including iPad, Android, Macs and PCs. All of this without downloading special software.

Viewers can watch both video and slides either side-by-side or through picture-in-picture windows and are literally in control of presentation pace and experience. They can jump to any point in the presentation using thumbnail images and have the slide and video replay in perfect synchronization allowing them to focus on those areas of the presentation in which they are especially interested. This is particularly useful for education and training applications.

9Slides Video Presentation

Using embed technology, users can bring this interactive experience on to their own website and blogs and organizations can create their own knowledge libraries by integrating it with SharePoint, Blackboard or any other infrastructure they have.

The 9Slides service employs a free-mium model, allowing anyone to upload their video-enabled presentation online for free. Premium users can create their own channels and make their content private, in addition to other features designed to appeal to enterprise customers such as reporting and analytics.

9Slides Presentation - Microsoft Free Tools for Teachers

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