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What Are the Early Results Businesses have seen from the New Facebook Pages Timeline?

Even though they essentially have no say in the matter, several marketers have been wondering whether or not switching over to the new Facebook pages timeline is worth their time and efforts. It was difficult to say at first, but now that the feature has been available to brands for nearly a month, we finally have some worthy information to pass along. As far as whether the move is worth it – the short answer would be yes.

Crunching the Numbers

According to a new study, the new Pages timelines are resulting in a 46% increase in engagement for brands. The research was conducted by social media measurement and analytics startup Simply Measured, which took a look at 15 Facebook Pages to monitor their engagement before and after the recent format change. Overall, brand content is seeing 56% more engagement, while overall fan engagement is up by 14%, which is great news for businesses who have been curious about whether the timeline is worth the plunge.

Brands Get 46% More Engagement Per Post With Timeline

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In a recent statement, Simply Measured CEO Adam Schoenfeld said the average is calculated to take engagement per post into consideration. The firm looked at the Pages of early adopters and compared their engagement before Facebook introduced the timeline – January 1 through February 29, and then from February 29, the day the feature was launched for brands, through March 26. Any of the 15 pages that switched over after the launch were measured from that specific date. From there, Simply Measured compared the data and published the findings for all to see.

During its research initiative, Simply Measured broke down engagement for the Pages timelines by the type of content brands published, including images and videos, which were up 52% and 49% respectively. Brands to have their pages measured included AT&T, Ford, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart. The firm’s data shows that some brands are fairing much better with the timeline than others. For example, Coca Cola’s engagement increased by a mere 2% while Red Bull saw a rise of 70%. Livestrong outperformed them all with a whopping 161% increase in the engagement department.

Improving Timeline Engagement

Another interesting point to note about Simply Measured’s study is that not all areas saw improvement with the new Pages timelines. The area that struggled was status updates. According to the findings, the response to updates actually decreased. However, the fact that images and videos saw an increase in activity leaves Schoenfeld confident that the added visual element of the timeline is the key to driving engagement. He also believes that these early results will prompt brands to start uploading more photos and videos to their page.

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Facebook’s data shows that approximately 8 million brands switched over to the new timelines a week after they had been introduced – that’s an estimated one-fourth of all pages. We look forward to seeing the results that come in after the format has been forced across the entire platform.

Guest Author : Francis Santos is based in the LA area and an up and coming writer for Benchmark Email, a major email marketing company. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach and holds a degree in Journalism.

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